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Tag Archives: dating tips

AsianDate women

One Thing That Ruins Your Chances With AsianDate Women

If you’ve been on AsianDate for a while, you may have already met Asian women who are gorgeous and exciting. You’ll meet more for sure. The surprising fact is, a lot of these women are easy to approach and talk to. But did you know that there’s one thing that you can do to ruin your chances with AsianDate women?

Do Not Do This One Thing When You’re Talking To AsianDate Women

It won’t matter if you went to an ivy league school, or if you’re a CEO of a company, or you have five cars. All of these credentials look good on your dating profile but make sure you avoid doing this one thing: expect an Asian lady to be physically intimate too soon.

Any woman wouldn’t want to meet someone online who’s only after one thing – physical intimacy. You should understand that most women on AsianDate are online dating to look for serious relationships.

Although there’s still some taboos towards couples being physically intimate in Asian culture, a lot of Asian women are no strangers to bedroom adventures. They just don’t talk about it.

When Is The Right Time For Physical Intimacy?

How soon is too soon? Well, that’s the tricky part because there are AsianDate women who are still conservative in their thinking. They may be open to being physically intimate and experimenting, but the right time differs from one Asian woman to another. Here are some tips for physical intimacy:

  1. Don’t flat out ask for it because it’ll make an Asian woman feel uncomfortable.
  2. Don’t even think about physical intimacy. It’ll just happen naturally.
  3. Never drop hints, talk inappropriately or tell jokes that are too immature.
  4. If the only thing you’re after is physical intimacy, you may consider online dating somewhere else.
  5. Get to know the Asian woman first, and move towards building a relationship.
  6. Do not embarrass the Asian woman you’re talking to by asking questions regarding past physical relationships.

Understand that Asian women want physical intimacy with the person they truly love and who loves them back. Draw the line between being playful or flirty and being inappropriate.

Physical intimacy will come at the right time. All you have to do is allow things to happen naturally. For more helpful dating tips, don’t forget to check out the rest of posts on our blog.


religious differences AsianDate

How To Deal With Religious Differences In Romance

Religious differences are among many obstacles romantic partners may have to overcome, particularly when dating cross-culturally. Historically, wars have been waged over religion, and it’s an area of contemporary life that reflects ancient and often restrictive principals. Because AsianDate gives you the opportunity to connect with members overseas, you may hit it off with someone who has a different religious upbringing. The question is, how do you handle dating someone of a different faith?

Religious Differences And Everything They Bring

Define your personal stance

Religion is unique in that it’s generally not the first thing you’re made aware of when you meet someone. Your personal belief system is your business, but when you share your life with someone, it becomes theirs too.

Some adults may have resentment toward restrictive religions they grew up in, so they no longer practice. Some people find religion on their own for the first time as adults, or set out to find spiritual enlightenment that’s different from what they’ve known. Identify your stance on the topic and locate yourself on the spectrum.

Determine how important someone else’s religion is to you

Identifying your own feelings and boundaries is important when faced with contrasting beliefs. You might be someone who thinks religion isn’t important, until you develop romantic feelings for someone who does. Ask yourself what type of relationship you’re looking for, and how differing beliefs relate to that.

It’s possible to date casually with wildly contrasting religious stances, but as things become more serious, differing religious beliefs could have effects on your life together that you’ll need to address.

Own your deal-breakers

No sex before marriage. No birth control. No meat on Fridays. No dairy and meat together. No pork.

Religion can affect everything from intimacy to lunch plans. Even if someone says they’re “non-practicing,” they could adhere to restrictions or behaviors out of habit, familial pressure, or fear.

Similarly, religion and romance clash most when it comes to major life events. If you find baptism objectionable, it should be discussed long before you have a child together. If marriage is on the table, the simple question of whether to have a religious ceremony (and where) can create great conflict. New life, death, illness, accidents—these are all times when spiritual leanings will have an impact.

Get to know your partner’s religion

Are you dating someone who brings up religion around the holidays but couldn’t care less during the rest of the year? Or do they genuinely aim to live day-to-day by the faith that they claim?

The strength of your partner’s convictions, as well as your own, will help determine your course of action. But much of dealing with your partner’s different religious beliefs is about respect. As long as you express religious inquiries without insult, you can become more informed and feel empowered to engage (or not) as you please.

Two strong believers in opposing faiths will have to work harder

If you and the person you’re dating both feel strongly about religion, but practice different faiths, how do you proceed? If you’re in the early stages of dating, this could be a deal-breaker. But if things are getting serious, your options are to practice each faith separately, practice both faiths as a couple, or for one of you to convert.

Interfaith relationships are common, which require negotiations or additional measures to “cover all bases,” so to speak. This could mean having more than one officiant at your wedding or making multiple holiday stops to respect each family’s traditions.

Conversion is a more extreme measure, but it can be a beautiful gesture in unifying a couple and signifying your commitment. It is important not to make the decision based on infatuation, but rather as a choice for yourself.

Religion can be polarizing, but if you truly want to share your life with someone and you address differing faiths with sincerity and maturity, you can enhance your union and walk together on whichever path(s) you choose.

new year's resolutions AsianDate

New Year’s Resolutions That Can End Your Relationship

Who would have ever thought that there could be New Year’s Resolutions that can be bad for your relationship? Generally, resolutions are written so we have positive goals we can reach for as the new year passes. There are even resolutions that are specific to couples. So, what are the types of resolutions that may potentially end our current relationships? This AsianDate post finds out.

Why Some New Year’s Resolutions Can Cause Friction In A Relationship

First of all, making resolutions is a good step towards knowing where you are in life now and aiming for a better one in the near future. But sometimes, it is the execution of these resolutions that can cause friction with your significant. The following are example scenarios that best illustrate this:

Resolution #1: Losing Weight / Exercising

You tell your partner that you would like to lose some weight this year. Both of you agree and then figure out a program that both of you can do. You follow the program, and then you lose weight. Your partner, however, is losing less weight than you. This is one possible scenario where your partner can feel resentment towards you.

Resolution #2: Try New Things

Trying new things doesn’t sound bad. But, when you explore doing new things on your own, your partner might feel neglected, and maybe insecure, especially when he or she sees that you’re having a blast enjoying all sorts of new hobbies and activities without him or her.

Resolution #3: Eat Healthier

Eating healthy is a proactive step to a higher state of well-being. Let’s say that you do make this change this year. Your partner is happy with it at first but then realized that you’re “no fun” anymore because you cannot eat pizzas or drink beers with him or her.

The resolutions on this AsianDate post are the most common ones that people make. We should all look at these resolutions as changes that can either have a good or bad effect on our relationship, especially when communication is not practiced.

If any of these example scenarios happen, it’s possible that you and your partner may need to work on strengthening your connection with each other first.

Practicing your resolutions will bring about a change in your relationship. It is up to you and your significant other to adapt to the changes to make your relationship better.

We have more relationship advice on our blog so be sure to check out other posts. You can also visit if you’re single and would like to try online dating for the first time this year.

dating Asians AsianDate

The Insiders Teach You About Dating Asians

Have you ever heard of the term K-pop? K is simply short for Korean, while pop, in this expression, refers to the music genre. Basically, K-pop is the shortened version of Korean popular music. It’s so popular that you don’t have to explain what the expression means to an Asian because K-pop is a booming industry even outside of Korea. But, what does this have to do with dating Asians?

How Studying K-pop Stars Can Help With Dating Asians

We’ll get to that in a little bit. First, you’ve probably already figured out that K-pop stars are the boy bands and girl bands of the Asian world. They’re like the Backstreet Boys or One Direction, only “upgraded”. We use the term “upgraded” because groups who attempt to break into the industry have to undergo rigorous training for one whole year before they are debuted to the public.

Now, we can talk about how K-pop stars can help you with dating Asians. A closer look at why Asians go crazy over the dancing, singing, and acting idols can give you some tips on how you can attract Asian women. Read the following tips that we can all learn from observing K-pop stars:

1. K-pop stars take care of themselves.

Remember that one year of training that K-pop stars have to go through? Well, it involves dozens of dancing rehearsals. This serves as a K-pop star’s form of exercise. You should also have some exercise yourself. It doesn’t have to be dancing. It can be any exercise that fits your lifestyle. Asian women are attracted to men who have a fit physique, so you better start working out now.

2. K-pop stars pay attention to style.

Are we saying that you have to dress up like a K-pop star? Not at all, because sticking to your personal style – a style that you’re comfortable with – is the best way to go. Just make sure that, whatever personal style you have, you’re updated with the latest trends, and you know what looks good on your body. It could also be time for a makeover, don’t you think?

3. They’re confident performers.

OK, so you’re not going to perform in front of your Asian date. But, you can show your confidence in other ways. The way you act, the way you speak and, generally, how you conduct yourself during dates will help your Asian date see how confident you really are.

4. Humility

If you’re not into K-pop culture, you’ve probably haven’t seen how K-pop stars address their fans. They’re very humble in doing so. While your date may not be a crazy fan waiting for your signature, you have to remember to be humble when on dates. Be humble when you treat waiters or servers. Be humble when you talk about your achievements and so on.

Do all of four of these tips, and you’re basically similar to a K-pop idol. With enough practice, you’re going to have Asian girls lining up to meet and date you! Just don’t forget to show off your personal style which is very important in the K-pop industry. For more dating tips, check out the other posts on our blog.