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Sologamy, A Type Of Relationship Everybody’s Crazy About

Even if the word sologamy doesn’t ring a bell for you, it sure does for more and more people out there who decide to buy an actual ring and commit to themselves, in the trend that seems to be slowly taking over the world.

What Is Sologamy?

A good 20-something years ago, a woman called Linda Baker married herself in celebration of her 40th birthday, practically starting the trend that is now called sologamy.

Simply put, sologamy refers to a person’s decision to commit themselves to…themselves. It’s a ceremony celebrating your decision to love, cherish, and stay true to your own self.

The commitment can be a quiet and completely private moment by yourself with a candle and a mirror, or a traditional type of wedding with a dress or suit, a wedding cake, a formal reception with guests, and vows to love yourself for better and for worse.

Jumping on the sologamy bandwagon, Japanese travel agency Cerca Travel offers to organize the whole event for single women wishing to marry themselves for a whopping £2,500. In their own words, they made this package “to encourage women to have positive feelings about themselves”.

Their customers get to choose their gown, hairstyle, and bouquet and the two-day “solo wedding” package includes a limo, accommodation in a hotel and the all-important photo album that will guarantee it’s a memorable experience.

What Makes People Turn To This Type Of Love?

As with all controversial issues, sologamy has both staunch supporters and passionate critics.

In a society where we are constantly forced to be paired up, some people claim that sologamy is a solemn act of protest. Those who have been unlucky in love; those who no longer believe in human connection and feel disappointed in romantic relationships, turn to sologamy seeing it as an almost revolutionary act, a decision to go on in life believing they are their strongest ally and friend and have no need to look for love and understanding elsewhere.

On the other hand, there are those who lament the self-centered society that we’ve become, protesting that there is no sense in marrying your own self. In a world where we are taught to be competitive, selfish, nihilistic and introverted, the act of committing to your own self is proof that we are losing the will and power to love each other, to commit and to put our trust in someone other than our own selves.

We, at AsianDate, believe there is no greater revolution than loving each other. There is the great risk of being hurt, it’s true, but there are lessons to be learned, experiences to be gained, a life to be shared. And as one of the greatest minds ever, Albert Einstein, pointed out:  “Life isn’t worth living unless it is lived for someone else”.