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How To Do A Proper Follow-Up For A Date

Do you know how to do a proper follow-up? Most of us don’t. In case you’re not familiar, a follow-up is when you ask someone out on a date after chatting through a dating website or texting back and forth consecutively. It seems easy enough to ask a girl out online or through text, but most men allow anxiety to get the best of them.

These Tips Will Help You Do A Proper Follow-Up

Most men always think about the what-ifs. For example, some may think “What if she says no?” or “What if she’s not interested and she ends up disappearing?” All of these are valid worries but these questions we have in our heads hinder us from getting that first date. Here are some tips to ease the anxiety and deliver a proper follow-up for a date:

Have Something To Say

Avoid asking how she is. It’s pretty common question but it’s something that can be answered with one word. If you ask this, she’s likely going to say “Good”, then what? You’re making it hard for yourself and for her. Ask questions that can be answered with full sentences. For example:

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Did you ever do A or B? (granted that you talked about her doing something)

Don’t Ask

After your opener, the next thing that you might think is to ask her out by saying, “Should we grab a cup of coffee tomorrow?” No, don’t ask. What you need to say is a statement, “Let’s grab a cup of coffee tomorrow.”

Don’t Wait

After your good experience of chatting or texting each other, why would you wait to ask her out? Forget about the three-day dating rule. If you like her or have a good feeling about her, ask her out as soon as possible.

Skip The Jokes

A proper follow-up would be great if it’s done in a witty or funny way, but just to be on the safe side, it’s best to skip the jokes. All you need is your opener and then your date statement.

Doing a proper follow-up isn’t hard to do. All you need is some confidence in yourself and some practice. Once you get over your anxiety of asking someone out, you might just realize that there’s really nothing to be anxious about. For more dating tips, read other posts on our blog.