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Overcoming Social Insecurity And Awkwardness

When you’re dating, you absolutely have to overcome social insecurity and awkwardness. You can’t meet people if you don’t feel comfortable around crowds or you’re not open to mingling with others. You may think that online dating is an option for you. It is, but remember that you eventually need to meet the person you met online. What do you do then?

The Easiest Ways To Conquer Your Social Insecurity

Before anything else, please remember that social insecurity makes you shy. However, when you’re naturally shy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are socially insecure. If you’re always afraid to look like a fool in social situations, then you have social insecurity. Other signs include overly thinking about how others think of you. So, how do you overcome this?

1. Remember that other people may feel just as awkward as you do.

It’s not just you who feels socially awkward. The people you come across could be feeling the same way as you. Of course, you won’t be able to tell upfront, unless the person shows very obvious signs. But, what you can hold on to is that people always have something that they’re insecure about.

2. No one cares.

It doesn’t really sound re-assuring, but please understand that not everyone is paying attention to you. They’re probably busy with others or they are preoccupied with doing something else. Some may be paying attention, but not everyone inside a room will be looking or even noticing you.

3. People are more tolerant.

Everyone makes mistakes, you know. It’s natural for people to commit errors. Because of this simple fact, you might be surprised that people can be more tolerant when errors are made. They won’t judge you or they won’t say anything bad about you when you make tiny blunders. With big ones, like being rude to a person you just met, you can always make up for it.

It won’t be easy to overcome social insecurity and awkwardness. However, if you muster enough courage to do so, you will be reaping more benefits, not just in your social life but, in your dating life. Be more courageous to move out of your comfort zone. For more tips on self-improvement, as well as reviews, read other posts on the blog.