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You Are The One Making Modern Online Dating Difficult, And This Is How

A lot of people wonder why modern online dating has become so difficult. Is it because of technology? Is it because we’ve grown accustomed to “instant hook-ups?” It’s true that modern online dating is not, in any way, similar to the dating we knew a couple of years back. Despite the advancements in technology in the dating sector, it’s not impossible for one to find true love, whether online or offline.

The Reason Behind Why Many Find Modern Online Dating To Be Challenging

So where does the problem come from? You may not like this, but the problem may be you. Yes, we are causing modern dating to be difficult for us. How? Read the list below:

1. We are not honest about what we want.

Do you really want a long-term relationship instead of a shorter one? Then why don’t you tell potential dates right from the start? Even when everyone is just looking for someone to hang out with, you should be clear about your intentions of a serious relationship.

2. We stick to the rules that are no longer applicable.

Do you still wait three days before you reply to a chat? Nope, this dating rule may have been effective before but it isn’t working now. Other dating rules that we are still following and we shouldn’t are:

  • The man always makes the first move.
  • You need to hold eye-contact for 30seconds to a minute.
  • No kissing on the first date.

It is rules like this that may be hindering us from finding someone great. Just be yourself and go with the flow.

3. We stick to our phones like glue.

You may have met your online date via a mobile dating app, but it’s rude to pay more attention to your phone than to your date. It’s just basic manners. Also, if you want to have a real connection with a person, it’s best to put your phone down and try to have a conversation.

All of these tips hint to one thing: modern online dating is not as difficult as you thought. If you strip everything down and return to the basics, you’ll find that all you really need to have done is to be yourself and go with your gut feeling. For more dating tips like this, read other posts on our blog.