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How To Get A Girl To Ask You Out On A Dating App

When you are on a dating app, the main goal is to find a gorgeous date that you can have a great time with. Then, hopefully, when everything is right, we can move things to a more serious level – get into a relationship. But, to change things up, what if you know how to get a girl to ask you out?

How To Get A Girl To Ask You Out: Give Her A Bit Of A Nudge

It has always been the man asking a woman out on a date. In these modern times, however, things have changed. The ladies have discovered their own sense of independence and freedom from past norms. These days, a woman online has more than enough confidence to ask any man out. Try the following steps on how to get a girl to ask you out:

1. Start A Conversation

Of course, you have to start a conversation with the person you are interested in. Start by saying hello, then followed by something witty. For example, you could say, “Hello, I noticed you like Game of Thrones. Who do you think you would be? Daenerys Stormborn or Cersei Lannister?”

2. Keep It Going

If you did your opening line correctly, you should be having a chat conversation with your lady on your dating app. The next step is for you maintain the conversation so your potential date doesn’t get bored. As you try to do this, don’t be too obnoxious by asking too many questions. The conversation has to flow naturally.

3. Try The Nudge

The last step is the “nudge” and it is the most important. You can do the nudge by answering the last question that your potential match asked. For example, if your lady asked, “What do you do in your spare time?” Just answer this, then try saying: “I think my last answer was boring. Don’t worry, I’m actually fun in real life.” Now, you can probably tell why this step is called the “nudge”. You can try other nudge lines too, like:

  • “You know what, I also love coffee as much as you do.”
  • “I’ll feed you as much ice cream as you want.”

Try this little experiment and see how it works for you. Just remember that you shouldn’t do step #3 when you haven’t done the first two yet. Everything has to be conducive in order for the nudge to work. On top of this, you also have to be a gentleman, charming, and a great person to have a conversation with. You will get the hang of it when you practice. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.