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Going To Bed Angry Can Actually Help Your Relationship

Have you heard about the classic rule, “never go to bed angry?” You’ve definitely heard it from your mom, grandma or someone who is much older than you. Although this relationship advice worked for them, it may not work for you today. One research actually reveals that going to bed angry might help your relationship.

How You Can Help Your Relationship By Sleeping On A Conflict

The idea of going to bed with all the unresolved anger and negative thoughts in your mind might not be so good. However, a study from the University of Massachusetts discovered that a good night’s sleep can enhance decision-making abilities. Giving rest to your brain could help you resolve the issue the next morning.

Sleeping an argument off can seem like you’re walking away from the entire issue. The truth is it’s totally different. If you go to bed without resolving your conflict, it’s alright as long as you tell your partner in a calm voice: “I’m sorry that we have this misunderstanding. Let’s rest and talk about it in the morning. I love you.”

Now, compare this with just going to bed without saying anything. In this case, you could say that you’re walking away from discussing your issue. However, if you mutually agree to rest your brains and go to bed, it’s a different matter.

Is “Never Go To Bed Angry” Really Not That Effective?

It’s possible that the whole saying or relationship advice can be more metaphorical. It could simply mean that you don’t hold grudges against your partner when an argument arises. It could also mean that you need to resolve your problem as soon as possible. All of these suggestions can be as effective as sleeping on it, though.

Whichever way you choose to resolve your relationship problems and arguments, you might consider just sleeping on everything when you feel overwhelmed. The next morning, when everything has cleared up, you can talk about how you can move forward. For more tips on improving your relationship, read more posts on our blog.