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These Are The Four Types Of Love We All Deserve

In our lifetime, we have already experienced different kinds of love. Some may have hurt, but most of the types of love we have experienced have always brought some lessons. You’d be surprised, but everything that we have gone through, even the pain, we deserve to feel.

Everyone Has The Right To Experience These Four Types Of Love

It’s important for us to go through different experiences in life so we can grow as a people and then broaden our perspective about the world around us. Think of it as a learning experience. Generally, you’d have to go through these four types of love in your life:

Heartbreaking Love

Why does everyone deserve to go through this kind of love? As mentioned, it’s going to be a learning experience. Every time we get hurt, ideally, we should learn a lesson from the situation and then grow from it.

Innocent Love

The innocent type of love allows you to hope for better things. As we grow old, we can’t deny that some of our experiences have tainted us. However, along the way, people come into our life to teach us that there’s still people out there who are genuine.

Casual Love

There are times when we feel like we don’t know what we want. That’s totally fine. We don’t always have to have things figured out. The same goes when you are in love. You deserve to feel confused from time to time.

Fulfilling Love

Lastly, we are all entitled to fulfilling love. This is the kind that will endure forever. This is the type of love that will make us feel content, happy, and whole.

The point is that we all deserve to feel love, no matter what type of love it is. It will motivate us to become better, as well as reach for the things that we thought was unreachable. For more dating and self-improvement tips, read other posts on the blog.