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Flirting Rules Asian Women Want You To Know

Do you know what most men forget when it comes to wooing Asian women? They forget to do it with respect. Winning women over is not easy to do, which may cause men who have been rejected to act out. But don’t forget that, rejection or not, respect should be your top priority. And to keep navigation as simple as possible we’ve prepared some flirting rules for you to follow.

Most Important Flirting Rules When Interacting With Asian Women

Now, this brings us to facts that a majority of men should be reminded of. Take note of these flirting rules because they might just earn you an Asian date.

Negging Does Not Work

Rule #1: do not neg. If you don’t know what negging is, it’s when a man says a backhanded compliment about a woman to make her think that she needs to impress the man. It’s sneaky, isn’t it? This pickup technique may work with non-Asian girls, but Asian women will just be annoyed, or, worse, offended.

What to do instead: Pay her a real compliment which has the better chance of making an impression.

Try Not To Bother Her In Public

If it’s evident that an Asian woman looks busy, looks like she’s doing something crucial, or looks like she doesn’t want to be bothered, you shouldn’t even approach her with your cheesy pickup lines.

What to do instead: Say hello when she’s not busy anymore – simple!

Do Not Insist When She’s Rejected You

You need to be the perfect gentleman who can still maintain his confidence when faced with rejection. Not all Asian women will respond positively, so you have to be ready. Do not insist on continuing when the Asian lady has already said no.

What to do instead: Smile and just walk away.

Believe us when we say that if an Asian woman is impressed with your pickup techniques, she will respond positively. Be respectful, be confident, and accept it when you are faced with rejection, and these are the basic flirting rules. There are a lot more tips for Asian women on our blog so make sure that you check out more of our posts.