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Don’t Expect A Second Date If You Acted This Way

The first date is always the “make or break” moment when it comes to finding someone to love. Yes, there are people who will give you a second date no matter how terrible the first date went. However, you won’t encounter them often. If you can make the first date work, then you have to go all out.

Avoid Acting Like A Confident Jerk If You Want A Second Date

For men, if you avoid acting like a overly confident jerk while you are on your first date, you will have a better chance of getting a second one. So how does a confident jerk act, exactly?

1. Flirting With The Waitress

There are men who think that they can openly show their confidence by innocently flirting with the waitress. Wrong move! First of all, flirting with anyone while you are with someone is distasteful. Second, it sends out the wrong message.

2. Paying More Attention To Your Phone

If you’re not very good at making conversation, you might be tempted to check your phone from time to time. Many of us feel like a peek may be harmless, but don’t do it. One peek will turn into plan B every time there’s silence in the air. That’s just downright offensive if you always check your phone in front of your date.

3. Being Rude At The Staff

Another way that men usually show off how dominant they are when on a date is being rude to the staff. You never want to appear snobby because it will leave a lasting negative impression on your date.

4. Not Having A Reservation

Where do you plan to go? If you have nothing planned, it is a bad idea. Not planning anything or not making reservations in a restaurant tells your potential partner that hanging out with her isn’t really important to you.

The most likely reason that most men act this way is that they want to appear self-assured. Sure, this can be an attractive quality, but when done the wrong way (too much or unnaturally), you will never hear from the lady you’re interested in again. For more reviews and tips about relationships, read more from the blog.