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How Are Your Dating Manners? Learn The Do’s And Don’ts

Remember your Mom telling you “don’t forget your manners”? Well, she won’t be with you to correct your faux pas on your date (thank God), so it’s up to you to make a fantastic impression with your impeccable dating manners.

The Importance Of Dating Manners

Even if you look great and you have chosen an amazing place to take your date on, unless your dating manners are perfect, you are certain to make a less-than-perfect impression on your date. Adopting the right dating manners isn’t that hard really, just make sure you stick to the following rules.

The Dos

Be on time. Whether you are picking her up from home or meeting her out, make sure to be punctual. It’s a real sign that you take her seriously, you have made your meeting a real priority in your schedule, and that you respect her. If it can’t be helped, call in advance and apologize, setting a new time you will keep to.

Be chivalrous. Opening the car door for her, pulling out a chair for her to sit in a restaurant, letting her choose what to order first, or offering your jacket if she is cold might seem old-school practices, but there is no woman who doesn’t like a man who treats her like a princess.

Compliment her. The best time to pay her a compliment is as soon as you see her or when you sit for your date. Find the one thing that stands out about her, or just compliment her appearance generally. Make sure to look her in the eyes as you do, as a sign you mean what you’re saying.

The Don’ts

Don’t get wasted. Go easy on the alcohol. Even if you are having a great time and really feel like drinking those extra gin-tonics, remember that nobody likes a slurring fool who has no control of what they are saying and doing. Sure, a little alcohol will make you both loosen up, but a lot of it can spell disaster for your date.

Don’t swear. No matter how comfortable your date may feel, it is never acceptable to swear when you are taking out a lady. Four-letter words are a sign of disrespect and will also set a tone that is totally unromantic on the date. So, at the best of times, you will be friend-zoned. At the worst, you will cause offense and not see her again.

Don’t try to force your opinions on your date. You may have strong opinions about things, but she may also hold her own. Respect is, once again, key. You are allowed to go into a deeper conversation if you feel she is into it too, but if she seems bothered, veer towards lighter subjects or just agree to disagree.

Don’t promise to call her or go on another date unless you mean it. Leading a person on when we don’t plan on furthering our relationship with them is simply unacceptable. Even if you are in a difficult position and feel awkward, you should not make a promise you can’t keep or leave her hoping for more. It is perfectly acceptable to just say you enjoyed your date and wish her goodnight as you part ways, rather than making a promise you are bound to break.

Being a perfect gentleman on a date is a must whether you want to continue seeing the lady or not. You will find that keeping your dating manners will charm her and it will also make you feel good about yourself, thus boosting your confidence. Not to mention that it would make your Mom proud too.

Did you know about these small but significant dating manners? You can put it all to good use next time you take a lady out. If you are currently looking for one, why not visit AsianDate today? If you feel like reading some more, click here.