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Common Phrases On A Date And What They Really Mean

Understanding what a woman is driving at can be a tall order at the best of times, let alone when you barely know her. Luckily, there are some common phrases on a date that can be explained.

Decoding The Most Common Phrases On A Date

Whether because you hardly know them, or because in the beginning, most people tend to try and keep a facade, it takes a pro to really see behind those first phrases. Here are the most common phrases on a date explained:

When she says: “I like my loneliness sometimes.”, she means: “There will be days you might feel I’m blowing you off, but don’t take it personally and try to push me. I am a lonely person.”

When she says: “What did you do last weekend?”, she really means: “Are you boring? Are you an active person? Will I have a good time with you?”

When she says: “I really enjoy being on the social media”,  what she really wants to say is: “I will upload every single thing we do and stalk your account like mad. Be prepared to see our whole life exposed on Instagram and Facebook. Also, I’m an attention junkie.”

If she says: “I’ve had some interesting dates.”, in reality, she means: “I’ve been out with some weirdos in my life. I’m praying that you are different.”

Is she declares: “I’m different than the girls you have met before. I’ve been through a lot in my life.”, she simply means: “I am trying to impress you by sounding all experienced and wise. I may or may not have actually been through a lot- you will know in time. Do I have your attention?”

She says: “I’ve had a nice time. I’ll call you. “, she means: “I’m trying to avoid you calling me. Don’t expect me to call you.”

But if she tells you: “Next time we should go to that restaurant”, it is very good news, as she actually means: “I want to see you again. I am already trying to show you my interest by arranging another date with you.”

No two people and no two dates are the same. However, the ability to decode some common phrases on a date can make a huge difference to your communication with her.

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