china travel guide

China Travel Guide

China is one of the world’s top tourist destinations for a multitude of reasons – The stunning scenery, incredible food, rich culture, and its welcoming people are among them! Here is a China travel guide with a few tips to get you on your way towards planning your next amazing travel adventure!

When To Go

With its vast number of attractions (in both cities and the outlying countryside), China is a great place to visit at any time of year. High seasons, however, are June through September, or towards the beginning of May (spurred on by “May Day” festivities).

Expect the Summer heat to be quite intense (exceeding 85°F and into the 100s), while temperatures can dip below freezing from December to February. The Spring and Autumn seasons are generally pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 55 to 75 °F.

Currency Basics

The nation-wide currency is the Chinese Renminbi, with the primary unit being the yuan. Smaller units are the jiǎo and fēn (10 fēn= 1 jiǎo, 10 jiǎo =1 yuan).

One important thing to remember: with the exception of tour groups or after excellent service at a high-end hotel or dining facility, tipping is not common practice. This holds true for taxis and restaurants!

Getting By With English

There are hundreds of different dialects spoken, but Mandarin and Cantonese are the most common. Don’t be embarrassed by the language barrier! Looking to impress a lovely lady? Any effort that you make will be greatly appreciated, even if it is just an attempt to say “hello”.

Quick tip: Almost all Chinese students will have grown up learning English as a second language, so the younger generation may be your best bet for asking directions. Speak slowly and enunciate, rather than speaking louder.

Google Translate and Pleco are among the best language applications to have as a mobile resource. A phrasebook or dictionary (such the Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary) can also go a long way!

Get off the Beaten Path

International travellers can be hesitant to stray from main streets, but the typical understanding of private property doesn’t apply! Don’t miss out on some of a city’s most interesting cultural aspects, which are often tucked away in side streets and alleyways. There are entire guided tours dedicated to exploring these hidden treasures!

The most important thing to remember about traveling in China is that it’s an immense place with a rich history that is well-worth experiencing! Hope you enjoyed this China travel guide!