Boxing Day in Hong Kong

Boxing Day in Hong Kong

Although Christian culture does not have a significant impact on China as a whole (only about 1% of the population is Christian), December 25th and 26th are celebrated as a two-day public holiday in Hong Kong! Few people will attach religious significance to the days, but Christmas and Boxing Day in Hong Kong have become popular ways to launch celebrations of the holiday season!

Hong Kong is particularly known for getting into the holiday spirit – given it’s two-day celebration, it’s actually recognized as one of the best places in the world to spend Christmas. People will often celebrate on a scale similar to how the Western world spends New Years Eve.

Friends and families will enjoy time together at a karaoke bar, restaurant, or just celebrating in Hong Kong’s city streets. Boxing Day is particularly popular and it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

If you find yourself spending Christmas or Boxing Day in Hong Kong this year there are a few things that you absolutely have to take the time to experience:

Visit the Christmas tree in Statue Square

The art instillation in Statue Square serves as the centerpiece for the Hong Kong “WinterFest” put on annually by the Board of Tourism. While the entire city will be dazzling with Christmas decorations and lights, the Square will certainly stand out as the most lavish.

Swarovski and Tiffany are among past commercial sponsors for the exhibit. Go to enjoy the lights, and hang a “love lock” on the railings with a partner to signify lasting love!

Watch the “Symphony of Lights”

Throughout the holiday season a special light show is put on at the Victoria Harbor. Take a boat ride to enjoy the view from the water, or sit along the waterfront! A pedestrian walkway known as the “Avenue of Stars” is a particularly good vantage point from which to take in the spectacle.

Explore Hong Kong Disneyland

Explore one of the happiest places on earth on one of Hong Kong’s best public holidays! The park is transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with some of the city’s best decorations. There are even traditional carolers there to help spread the holiday cheer.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate Boxing Day in Hong Kong the metropolis will certainly not disappoint. These three activities are among the classic holiday experiences that you should be sure to add to your itinerary. But the city itself, in all of it’s holiday splendor, is sure to be the highlight of your trip!