AsianDate: Leave The Relationship If You Don’t Get This From It

Even though every relationship is as different as the two partners that are involved in it, there are certain things we all need to get out of our relationships. AsianDate describes these things.

AsianDate Describes The Essential Attributes Of A Relationship

Whatever your age, personal preferences and length of relationship, there are certain things you should demand from a relationship. In other words, unless your relationship is giving you the things described below, it may be wise to leave.


First and foremost, there can be no profound feeling or chances of a happy, balanced relationship if there is no respect between partners. Respect is the foundation upon which all our relationships need to be built, and for romantic relationships, this is, even more, the case. Partners need to show each other that they accept them for who they are, understand their right to be different, and admire them for their true self.


When people enter a relationship, they don’t want to feel like they are constantly walking on eggshells or that they need to be on their toes 24/7. That doesn’t mean one should get complacent, but it’s also tiring to not be able to trust (or be trusted by) your partner.


Even though many people confuse intimacy with sex, the actual meaning of the word is not just about what goes on between the sheets. In fact, intimacy refers to all words and actions shared by people who are in a close relationship with one another. So, an act of intimacy may refer to a kiss on the cheek, a hug, and her nestled on your chest as you watch your favorite TV program. Intimacy is all the small, imperceptible things that couples will do when they are together, sometimes without even realizing it, because they are feeling affectionate and sexually drawn to each other.


A romantic relationship doesn’t just involve happy moments and pleasurable experiences. It will without a doubt also involve moments of sadness and grief. This is where you should expect a truly loving partner to step in, be your shoulder to cry on; and show compassion and the will to take some of your pain away.


Generosity is not limited to material things – sure, a nice present every now and then wouldn’t harm – but it goes far beyond giving people objects. A generous partner will make sure you are satisfied in bed, they will help you evolve as a person, they will be proud of you when you succeed, and they will be a driving force and a source of inspiration for you.

As you will know by now, AsianDate is not about half-truths and lukewarm feelings. We believe that everyone is worthy of true love. If you are not getting these things – the things you need and deserve – from your relationship, our advice is to keep looking.

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