AsianDate: Can You Date A Geisha When In Japan?

AsianDate: Can You Date A Geisha In Japan?

One reason why travellers go to Japan is to, hopefully, experience and appreciate the company of a Geisha. These professional entertainers are called “geiko” in Japanese dialect. Geishas have been around for centuries. The anciency of the art of the Geisha is one reason why most tourists are so curious about it. Today, AsianDate’s going to talk about the basic things you need to know about Geishas and their services.

AsianDate: What You Need To Know About Geishas

It’s understandable for you, or any other person, to be fascinated with Geishas. They’re beautiful, they dress in a way that captivates and, probably based on what you heard and read on the internet, they might be the best companions at dinner parties. But, before you even attempt to approach a geisha, you have to know these things first:

You Cannot Set Up A Date With One

Let’s get this out of the way first because most people have this misconception of Geishas. They do not sell sexual services to customers. Most Geishas also dedicate their lives to their art so the thought of marriage may never enter their heads until later in life.

You Cannot Visit A Geisha House

In the hopes of “booking” a date with a geisha, most tourists visit Geisha houses to ask. You will never set a meeting with a Geisha this way. Remember that the practice is traditional and ancient. Therefore, the means of procuring a night with a professional entertainer will also be ancient and traditional. You might need to go to old tea houses, but the catch is, they won’t let anyone in without a recommendation from their loyal customers.

Geisha Services Are Expensive

There are different prices for a Geisha’s services. They are expensive because learning a Geisha’s skills require years of training and hard work. But, many ask, what do customers get out of it? Believe it or not, customers get entertainment out of being with Geishas. They are professional hostesses, after all. They sing, dance and entertain their guests.

Us, outsiders, might not understand the culture but it has long stood the test of time. It just proves how traditional the Japanese can be. So, just a quick recap, you cannot “date” a Geisha, nor can you go to a Geisha house to book an appointment with one. We have more interesting posts for you on the blog, so make sure you check them out. You can also visit if you want to meet Asian ladies who are into online dating.