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Have You Done Your Annual Relationship Check Up Yet?

Most people usually have a yearly routine check up with the doctor. Most of us also have the same check with our cars. But, we never have a routine check up with our relationships. Annual relationship check up is not that common but it should be.  We check everything else in our life so why not our connections to other people and the person we love?

Why Is An Annual Relationship Check Up Important?

Annual relationship check ups happen when we ask the people close to us how the connection is. So, this means that these check ups are not limited to our romantic relationships. This check up can also be applied to friendships and familial ties.

How To Do Annual Relationship Check Ups

Because the essence is to check if your connection with a specific person is strong or not, what you simply need to do is to talk to a specific person. If you’re not 100% sure about your friendship with someone, contact this person, and talk to him or her. The same goes for family members. Try asking this person to have lunch with you or have a coffee with you. As you are in the moment, ask “How are we?” You can also apologize if you haven’t talked to this person in a while. Don’t make excuses, but don’t sugarcoat too.

How To Do An Annual Relationship Check Up With Your Partner

Your relationship is another aspect of your life that you need to check yearly. Sit down with your partner and see your relationship with an honest eye. Both you and your partner have to be open to what the answers will be. You may not want to hear what your partner is saying but you have to accept it and work on it.

Ask important questions like “What will make our relationship happier?” or “What’s going to make our bond stronger?” This talk has to be constructive. Although you and your partner might have conversations that are hard to tackle, your relationship will eventually benefit from it.

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