August 20th marks the beginning of a love filled festival in China called QiXi Festival and it’s essentially the Ancient Chinese version of Valentine’s day. The holiday is based off of a charming legend about a cow herder (named Niulang) and a weaver woman (named Zhinu). One day the two of them meet and fall in love, after a secret marriage and a few kids they get separated by the King of Heaven for eternity (In some versions of the story Zhinu is a fairy from heaven and one of the daughters of the king in others, she’s just a fairy who is a dope weaver). After their separation, Niulang tries to track down his wife, but again is thwarted by the celestial love-haters in heaven. Finally, the powers that be decide to cut the love lorn couple a break and allow Niulang and Zhinu a chance to spend one day each year with each other on the seventh day of the seventh month… which means August 20th this year.