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Tag Archives: AsianDate

pick up lines AsianDate

Three Pick Up Lines That Only Work Online

Picking up women in bars is tough, and using pick up lines doesn’t seem to make it easier. Many women are just looking to have a night out with their friends and are wary of men who are looking to talk to every woman in sight.…

Destination: Dongchuan, China

It’s hard to believe there are geographical locales that have gone undiscovered until recent decades, particularly in a country as widely explored as China, but the Dongchuan Red Lands appear to be just that sort of recently discovered world gem.…

Three Awesome Online Sources for Dating Advice

The internet offers many options and outlets for reading up on dating advice, but not all sources are created equally. To ensure that you’re coming out on top of the dating scene, here are three of the best websites for dating advice.…

The Many Careers of the Ladies of AsianDate (Part 2 of 2)

Earlier this week, we showed you three women from AsianDate and what they do for work. True to our promise, we’re back with three more beautiful ladies and what their respective careers say about them.…