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Three Pick Up Lines That Only Work Online

Picking up women in bars is tough, and using pick up lines doesn’t seem to make it easier. Many women are just looking to have a night out with their friends and are wary of men who are looking to talk to every woman in sight. On the other hand, every woman on a dating site is looking to strike up a conversation and make a connection. Here are three pick up lines that are particularly well-suited to online dating sites.

Best Pick Up Lines You Can Use In Your Next Chat

“You have a beautiful smile”

In person, a physical compliment can catch a woman off guard, and not necessarily in a good way. To say something like this in real life is to take a relatively aggressive approach, whereas complimented a specific part of a woman’s appearance online means that you’ve taken the time to look through her photos and find one characteristic that you find beautiful about her. She’ll be flattered that you noticed.

“What’s your dog’s name?”

When you spontaneously approach a woman in person, you likely know nothing about her. Having to start a conversation without having any background puts you at a huge disadvantage. Online, though, you have a girl’s whole biography at your fingertips. What’s her favorite horror movie? Where did she learn to golf? What’s the best Pad Thai she’s ever had? The possibilities are endless.

“If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber”

If this isn’t the corniest pick-up line you’ve ever heard, then it’s close, right? In person, these kinds of pick up lines do terribly, it’s just too awkward to say to someone’s face. But when you use a line like this to start a conversation online (without any “I know it’s corny” explanations), you come off as self-aware and as someone who doesn’t take yourself too seriously.

Essentially, the advantage of starting a conversation online is that everyone has time to be thoughtful. You have time to think about what makes you attracted to a woman, allowing you to say something genuine and heartfelt that will resonate with her. She has more time to respond, which takes the pressure off of her to reply immediately and makes her feel more at ease. Ready to try out your best opening line? The ladies of AsianDate are ready to hear them.

For more dating tips, visit the rest of our blog.


One Thing That Ruins Your Chances With AsianDate Women

If you’ve been on AsianDate for a while, you may have already met Asian women who are gorgeous and exciting. You’ll meet more for sure. The surprising fact is, a lot of these women are easy to approach and talk to. But did you know that there’s one thing that you can do to ruin your chances with AsianDate women?

Do Not Do This One Thing When You’re Talking To AsianDate Ladies

It won’t matter if you went to an ivy league school, or if you’re a CEO of a company, or you have five cars. All of these credentials look good on your dating profile but make sure you avoid doing this one thing: expect an Asian lady to be physically intimate too soon.

Any woman wouldn’t want to meet someone online who’s only after one thing – physical intimacy. You should understand that most women on AsianDate are online dating to look for serious relationships.

Although there’s still some taboos towards couples being physically intimate in Asian culture, a lot of Asian women are no strangers to bedroom adventures. They just don’t talk about it.

When Is The Right Time For Physical Intimacy?

How soon is too soon? Well, that’s the tricky part because there are AsianDate women who are still conservative in their thinking. They may be open to being physically intimate and experimenting, but the right time differs from one Asian woman to another. Here are some tips for physical intimacy:

  1. Don’t flat out ask for it because it’ll make an Asian woman feel uncomfortable.
  2. Don’t even think about physical intimacy. It’ll just happen naturally.
  3. Never drop hints, talk inappropriately or tell jokes that are too immature.
  4. If the only thing you’re after is physical intimacy, you may consider online dating somewhere else.
  5. Get to know the Asian woman first, and move towards building a relationship.
  6. Do not embarrass the Asian woman you’re talking to by asking questions regarding past physical relationships.

Understand that Asian women want physical intimacy with the person they truly love and who loves them back. Draw the line between being playful or flirty and being inappropriate.

Physical intimacy will come at the right time. All you have to do is allow things to happen naturally. For more helpful dating tips, don’t forget to check out the rest of posts on our blog.


4 Ways to Learn the Lingo Together

The experience of language learning is a wonderful thing when it comes to a relationship discovered through international dating. It’s the perfect way to get closer, share new experiences, and learn something exciting.


Here are 4 wonderful ideas to help you boost the English language skills of your new match:

Destination: Dongchuan, China

AD-RedLand (CC-image by Dgbouma) (1) (1024x683)

It’s hard to believe there are geographical locales that have gone undiscovered until recent decades, particularly in a country as widely explored as China, but the Dongchuan Red Lands appear to be just that sort of recently discovered world gem.