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Travel to Asia

Step one: find the woman of your dreams. Step two: meet her in person. Step three: travel to Asia. Love will open the doors to Asia. Travel to Asia to meet great people and beautiful landscapes, cities, and cultures.

If you’ve decided to travel to Asia, learning everything possible about the part of Asia you wish to visit most is a must. Discover the best parts to visit—the tropical beaches, the sparkling cities, even the lush, green forests. Where are you off to?

Traveling to Asia can open you to a new realm of possibilities with an almost endless list of things to do, not to mention meeting the great love of your life. Think of this blog as an Asian travel guide to guarantee yourself the most rewarding experience. Stop here to receive the many beautiful gifts Asia has to offer.

One of the most romantic sights in China, the Bund area at night.

Unbelievably Romantic Sights In China

China, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, is also one of the most beautiful destinations. It does not only boast magnificent natural beauty, but also some of the greatest architectural masterpieces worldwide. Find out more about the most romantic sights in China.

Majestic Nature And Unique Architecture Make Up The Most Romantic Sights In China

West Lake, Hangzhou was selected by CNN as one of the “12 superb sunset spots around the world”. It is also one of the most romantic sights in China. West Lake is a man-made lake that was created out of the Chinese people’s love for garden-style parks. Take your other half for a romantic walk around West Lake and marvel at the beautiful scenery. Lotus flowers in bloom, gorgeous goldfish swimming in the lake and nature’s green carpet guarantee an unforgettable day. The best spots to photograph the sunset views are Broken Bridge, Su Causeway, and Yanggong Causeway.

Enjoy the breathtaking view on Huangshan in Anhui. If you love mountains, this is an ideal destination for you. This magnificent mountain range has been characterized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is famous for its scenery, sunsets, granite peaks, hot springs, and the amazing views of the clouds from above. Art lovers will have seen Huangshan in traditional paintings too. Its natural beauty lends itself for some truly amazing photographs, so have your cameras at the ready. Also, don’t forget to go add your own love lock on the chains there and throw the key into the valley, symbolizing your unbreakable bond.

For a more urban experience, don’t forget to visit the Bund (also known as Wai Tan), justifiably one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. Here, the past and the present are one. You will have the chance to admire the modern skyscrapers of Pudong across the Huangpu River, but the place is also lined with colonial-era buildings of different styles, reminding everyone of the ancient city’s past. Make sure you visit in the evening. There are a number of iconic Shanghai restaurants overlooking the Bund, so don’t forget to make a reservation for an unforgettable meal while you marvel at the best views of the Shanghai skyline. Then, take a romantic stroll along the 1.5-kilometer-long promenade taking in the views. If you get tired, hop on a Huangpu River cruise ship and enjoy the sights at your leisure.

Shangri-La (previously known as Zhongdian County) is a remote Tibetan county located in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. It is nothing less of a fairytale place. Shangri-La covers a region of snowcapped mountain peaks, thick forests, majestic alpine lakes (like the famous Napa Lake), grasslands, gorges and traditional monasteries (like the Songzanlin Monastery). The best time to visit the place is in spring, when endless fields of flowers, like lilies, azaleas, and primroses, cover the region turning it into a colorful paradise on earth.

Blessed by nature and enhanced by man’s quest for beauty, these unbelievably romantic sights in China make it a place to fall in love in and fall in love with.

If you are still looking for that special someone to share the experience with, why not visit our site. For more dating advice click here. And visit the rest of our blog to read more about more fascinating Asian destinations.

Myths About Travelling To Asia You Should Never Believe | Asian Date

Myths About Travelling To Asia You Should Never Believe

Everyone may agree with the statement saying that Asia is probably one of the most magical places you can visit. A lot of travellers go in and out of the continent every year, bringing home with them fantastic memories, picture-perfect moments captured on camera and unforgettable experiences that have changed their perspective on life. However, even though travelling to Asia sounds like a wonderful adventure, there are those that still buy into myths that are stopping them from planning a visit.

Myths About Travelling To Asia Debunked

You’ve probably been putting your trip off because you believe common myths about travelling to Asia on this list are true:

Asia is a dangerous place to visit.

If Asia was dangerous, you wouldn’t hear about several travellers’ amazing experiences through their personal websites or their social media accounts. You also probably wouldn’t see several pictures online about some of the most breath-taking Asian views. Besides, if a particular Asian country was dangerous, in the middle of war, or something to that effect, you can be sure that your local travel authorities would let you know.

Travelling to Asia can break your bank.

Who, in the world, says that going to Asia can break your bank? It could if you choose to be in first class all the way, but there are several options you can choose from – low-budget to mid-budget trip options. How do you think a lot of travel bloggers went to Asia? It’s not because they were treated to first class accommodation, that’s for sure. They did it backpacking. Some foods and accommodations can fit your budget. Just stay away from major hotels.

You need to learn the language first.

It’s true that there are certain countries that require a traveller or an immigrant worker to learn the language, first, before they can visit. But, there is no such requirement when you visit Asia. Maybe if you are planning to work in Japan or Korea, a company may need you to learn the basics of their native language, but travellers don’t have to take a class or undergo language training of any sort.

So, those are the most common myths about Asia that may be stopping you from planning a trip. Now that you know they aren’t true, is there anything else that’s hindering you from paying Asia a visit? For more travel tips, you can check out more posts from the blog. You can also visit AsianDate to meet lovely ladies who may be interested in being your guide to Asia.

Romantic Asian Sunsets To Watch With Your Valentine | Asian Date

Romantic Asian Sunsets To Watch With Your Valentine

Asia is a destination that needs no introduction. A lot of travellers go in and out of the continent all year long because Asia has a very specific charm that you cannot find anywhere else. It is a destination where you can experience different cultures, taste different flavours, meet a lot of interesting people, and since it’s Valentine’s Day, it is a destination where you could appreciate the most breath-taking sunsets with the person you love.

Asian Sunsets That Will Make You Fall Even More In Love

We’ve been talking about different ways one can celebrate Valentine’s Day, and, of course, we’ve covered the usual suggestions like flowers, a nice dinner date, or a DIY date at home with some candles. But, when you’re in Asia, your Valentine’s Day can be as simple as watching Asian sunsets in locations where you get the best view:

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Also known as the Bay of the Descending Dragons, Ha Long Bay can be found in the northeast part of Vietnam. The Bay boasts of mystical-looking emerald waters and sky-high limestone islands with rainforests on top. Can you imagine taking a cruise here with your Valentine as the sun is setting? There’s nothing like watching Asian sunsets in Ha Long Bay.

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan - Romantic Asian Sunsets To Watch With Your Valentine

Bagan Sunset

The ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. It stands on the Eastern banks of the Ayeyarwady River and is Southwest of Mandalay. The city has been made famous by its Bagan Archaeological Area, where you will find more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments. Be ready to watch the sun kiss the temples’ tips. If you want to level up your Valentine’s Day date, you can rent a hot air balloon and watch the sunset from the sky.

Vang Vieng, Laos

vang Vieng - Romantic Asian Sunsets To Watch With Your Valentine

Vang Vieng Sunset

Van Vieng is a tourist-friendly destination located in the province of Vientiane. It will take about four hours to travel to this location from the capital, but it’ll be worth it once you see how majestic the sunset is. Of course, it’s not just the Asian sunsets that attract tourists from all over the world. Vang Vieng is teeming with different activities to do like hiking, exploring caves, and partying the night away.

Which of the three Asian sunsets do you think you’re more likely to take your Valentine to? We would love to know so leave your answers in the comment section. If you want more interesting posts, visit the blog or head to AsianDate to find love on this special day.



Honeymoon Tips You Need Know When Travelling To Asia | Asian Date

Honeymoon Tips You Need To Know When Traveling To Asia

Your honeymoon has to be exciting. You get to spend time with the person you love, and you get to see a lot of beautiful spots and go on different adventures, while you are in another country or city. Did you know that new experiences strengthen couple’s connection according to research? That’s probably why honeymoon is a must since you’ll get to experience a lot of firsts while on it. So, what kind of honeymoon tips do you need to make everything perfect?

Traveling To Asia? Here Are Honeymoon Tips You Need To Remember

Although going on a honeymoon sounds pleasant and stress-free, it may not be depending on how you’ve have been handling everything. You’d have to do the planning, searching and booking ahead of time if you want to have the best honeymoon. That sort of bursts your bubble, doesn’t it? But, these honeymoon tips should help you plan your honeymoon to Asia better:

Plan Your Duration & Budget

The first thing you do is to plan how long you’re going to be on your honeymoon. You also have to set a budget for your trip. Setting both the duration and the budget will help guide the rest of what you have planned.

Plan Your Destination Or Route

If you want to go backpacking all over Asia, then you can. You can make the most out of your travel when you backpack, but if it’s not what you had in mind, you can set your eyes on destinations and itineraries that are more on the posh side.

Don’t Book On Your Flight On The Morning After Your Wedding

Yes, you’re excited to go on your honeymoon but remember to avoid booking your flights the morning after your wedding. You might need to rest for a day or two after your wedding. You probably did a lot of planning and organising during your wedding, so maybe you need a bit of a breather. What if you can’t wake up on time the morning after?

Pack Lite And Leave Your Valuables

Forget about bringing jewellery or any kind of valuable item when traveling to Asia. You won’t need it most of the time, and you’ll be focusing on going to the beach, exploring different spots and so on, so valuables are mostly unnecessary.

Planning your honeymoon should be a bonding experience for you and the love of your life. Remember that it is a special time, so why not live a little and splurge for dinner or a romantic activity. The sooner you plan things out, the better, but remember not to over think it – this is probably one of the best honeymoon tips on this post. Don’t forget to consider the weather when packing too. For more travel tips, check out the rest of our blog posts.