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Asian Traditions

Asian traditions date back thousands of years, and are still valued and upheld by the local people today, especially women in the dating world. To enter the life of an Asian woman, you can show your dedication by learning about her traditions.

Traditions in Asia can vary greatly; that is what is so unique about this blog. Which Asian traditions are your favorite? Which traditions are your Asian woman’s favorite? Finding out which Asian traditions belong to which parts of the continent brings you even closer to unlocking the magical beautiful possibilities Asia has to offer.

Take the time to learn everything you can about traditions in Asian culture, and you will benefit in many ways, including impressing your favorite lady! Think of this blog as your entrance way to discovering Asia and everything (and everyone) it has to offer.

Featured Profile and Recipe: Peng and Salmon Cakes

Please allow us to introduce you to Peng! Peng is a lovely 24-year-old young lady who is on AsianDate looking for love. We’ll be featuring individual profiles from time to time, just to highlight a few of the many available singles looking to connect, and let you in on some of their favorite things.…

QiXi Festival: 6 facts on the Chinese Valentine’s day

August 20th marks the beginning of a love filled festival in China called QiXi Festival and it’s essentially the Ancient Chinese version of Valentine’s day. The holiday is based off of a charming legend about a cow herder (named Niulang) and a weaver woman (named Zhinu).…

Four Spring Traditions in Asia

It’s April and, for the most part, spring is here. For you, that might mean firing up the grill, getting ready to watch your favorite baseball team or pulling the convertible out of the garage. But in Asia, there are a host of spring-time traditions that date back hundreds or thousands of years that are still celebrated by everyone.…

7 Reasons to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2015

1. Fireworks

Golden gragon statue with fireworks, Phuket Thailand


Everyone loves a fireworks display, and no one does it better than the Chinese. Remember the Beijing OIympics? Well, Chinese New Year celebrations all over the world will feature stunning, first-class fireworks. The Chinese believe that fireworks drive away evil, so this is a tradition that they never skip.…