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Dating Tips and News

Are you ready to meet the most beautiful, interesting, and intelligent women in the world? Using this blog you get all the dating tips and news to make sure your search for the right woman is conducted in the proper way.

Receive dating news as well as dating Asian women tips. The best part is you’ll be in a league of your own with impressing Asian women. Now is the perfect time to fall in love and share your heart with the perfect woman for you.

Use our dating tips and news to make your life better than you ever imagined. Start your journey today with the help of AsianDate tips and news. We want to see you succeed on your journey of love and we’re here to make it happen.

The Quickest Way To Get A Date For Labor Day | Asian Date

The Quickest Way To Get A Date For Labor Day

Summer is here and so will labor day. It’s the perfect time to go online and find a date. Labor day is still a few weeks away so it’s best to start your search as early as now. The problem, though, is how do you find a date for labor day? Where exactly do you start?

Get A Date For Labor Day Quickly

In most cases, Labor Day is a time to spend with friends or family. But, commonly, plenty of single people struggle because it’s also a time for couples to spend quality time with each other. So you don’t feel left out, here are some tips that could get you a date for labor day at record speed using an online dating app:

1. Take advantage of photos in your profile.

The photo allowance in your profile is there for a reason. It helps to show people your different side. Use the maximum space allowed for your photos section. This is your portfolio so show your best shots. Post photos that show your personality, not some heavily filtered selfies. It’s also summer so make sure to post photos of you under the sun and showing a bit of skin.

2. The thing about group photos.

If you are allowed to post maybe 5 photos, you may include one where you are surrounded by friends or family. It shows you in your natural habitat. Just make sure that you clearly state which one you are on the group photo. In some studies, your odds of appearing more attractive are increased in group photos.

3. Write just enough about yourself.

Don’t overthink your description. Be upfront and say a simple introduction. Your life story definitely does not belong there. Be honest about your interests and dislikes. You will have a chance to tell more about yourself eventually when you go out on labor day.

4. Give people a chance.

A lot of times, we outrightly reject a person because of a minor flaw on their profiles. But experts say that after finding a match, do go the extra mile and strike up a conversation with people you don’t normally go for. After the chat and the other person does not really interest you at all, then you can just move on to the next. A lot of times, though, people don’t realize that they are passing up a good potential partner just because of a small flaw.

Of course, there are the usual dating tips you should never forget: don’t be shy, reply to messages in a timely manner, and ask your chat mate to a date in real life as quickly as possible. For more online or app dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

This Is What Women Expect Men To Do On Romantic First Date | Asian Date

This Is What Women Expect Men To Do On Romantic First Date

What composes a romantic first date? Most men find it difficult to answer this question because not all women are not the same. Some prefer a candle-lit dinner in a fancy restaurant, but there are also those who prefer to see the effort in what the man does, like preparing a home-cooked meal. So, what exactly is expected for the man to do to impress the girl he is dating?

What Makes A Romantic First Date According To Women?

The idea of a most romantic first date is very vague, as mentioned. What makes a date romantic anyway? Candles, flowers, a starry night, or the outdoors? Thankfully, a survey was done by an online dating app and now we have a glimpse of what women think are the most romantic ideas:

To Feel Comfortable

This is where men should shout “Hallelujah!” If you thought it was an expensive dinner set up that can make her feel romantic, then you’re wrong. More than ¾ of the women (79%) interviewed said that they would rather feel comfortable with the person they are with. This is followed by wanting to feel happy (35%) and wanting to feel liked (27%).

To Be Complimented

Don’t scrimp on honest and well-meaning compliments. Would you believe that 94% of women say that they would like to receive a compliment from their date? It could be her hair, her outfit, even her voice and the way she speaks. After all, she did prepare for this date. Just don’t overdo it, because it will also appear forced.

To Be Waited Upon

A whopping 90% of the women said they would rather have their date waiting for them when they arrive at the meeting place. They don’t want to be there first. So if you set a time, sure to be there on the dot or even a little before. Despite many men’s ideas that women take so much time to prepare, most successful women are actually punctual. They would not get where they are for being tardy.

Bill Argument

Even in this day and age, women still feel special if the man picks up the tab, especially for their first date. It adds to the romantic notion that they were given a special treatment. Don’t fret, especially if your date picked an expensive restaurant. Almost half of the women (45%) don’t mind sharing the bill.

First dates are not so bad. We have all gone through that. Have an idea of what women want from the list above so that you know what would make the most romantic first date. It’s not about the place, but it’s more about how you make her feel. For more dating tips, make sure to read other posts from the blog.

How Using Dating Apps Changed The Way We Date | Asian Date

How Using Dating Apps Changed The Way We Date

For the last five years, our dating life has never been exciting and vibrant. Thanks to modern technology, using dating apps has filled our single existences with plenty of possibilities. If we wanted a date during Friday night or merely someone to chat with, we can with a tap on our phones.

Using Dating Apps Has Influenced Our Lives In The Following Ways

We cannot hide the fact that things are different now in the realm of dating. Years before, we would usually meet dates through friends’ recommendations – called a blind date. Or, we would meet people in bars, pubs or cafes. Now, we don’t even have to meet people personally to say that we are dating. All we have to do is connect and communicate consistently online. Using dating apps has brought us so many changes:

1. We have become super efficient in selection.

Perhaps the number one change that using dating apps have given us is accessibility to millions of single people around the world. You can open your dating app anytime, anywhere, and you are presented with every available date of your preference. The number of dates that we can schedule is actually at our fingertips. We can do it even several times a day. Imagine the convenience and efficiency.

2. We become more confident.

Because of the so many choices presented before us, we no longer have to worry if we had an awkward first date or we got rejected. We can hone our dating skills and find another date. If we learn from our mistakes, the dating game just keeps getting better for us. The more you do it, the better you become at it.

3. We’re getting good at getting dumped.

Yes, nothing is perfect, we can get dumped. So what? You can do it all over again and pretty easily, too. So people have sort of developed a thick face when receiving rejections. While it was so bad back then, we can now easily shrug it off and charge it to experience.

While dating apps have made meeting people more convenient, we should all remember that there is no substitute for hard work. Yes, you can instantly meet dates with just a few taps on your phone, but a real relationship isn’t instant at all. You still need to do the groundwork if you’re really serious about a person you met online. For more dating tips, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

Helping Your Partner Get Over Your Past | Asian Date

Helping Your Partner Get Over Your Past

When we get into a relationship, we cannot hide the fact that we carry baggage with us. Some are more colorful or heavier than others. Although your current partner accepts you for who you are, he or she might need a bit of help to get over your past when you are one of those with extra colorful and extra heavy baggage.

Your Partner Can Get Over Your Past In A Healthy Way

We cannot help what happened in our past relationships or past dating exploits. It doesn’t matter if we have already come to terms with our previous life if our partner, still, cannot warp his or her head around it. We’re still going to have a rocky relationship. Remember, this is the present and your potential future. If your current partner is having issues with your well-celebrated, previous flings, this is how you can help:

1. Do not make contact with your ex.

Whatever the reason, don’t send a private message to your ex. It might lead somewhere and the past might be rekindled. If you do this, you will be up for a guilt trip. When your current one finds out, you will be in so much trouble. If there is something really important, go through other channels. You don’t want to complicate your current relationship.

2. Do not allow your ex to flirt with you.

If by chance you meet your ex again, don’t allow him or her to flirt with you, whether or not your current lover is with you. Stand your ground and keep your ex at arm’s length. Do not give in to temptation, even if it’s something as harmless as exchanging numbers. Your lover will surely not enjoy this.

3. Reassure your mate.

Appreciate how happy you are to be in your partner’s arms or company. Tell him or her how you are satisfied with the relationship. Your partner will feel more loved with the emotional affirmation.

Having a colorful past can complicate your current relationship. But, if you value your current lover and you are projecting a future together, do everything that you can to make the reassurance that your past will not haunt you anymore. Help your partner get over your past effectively. For more tips to strengthen your relationship and for dating, read other posts on the blog.