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Dating Tips and News

Are you ready to meet the most beautiful, interesting, and intelligent women in the world? Using this blog you get all the dating tips and news to make sure your search for the right woman is conducted in the proper way.

Receive dating news as well as dating Asian women tips. The best part is you’ll be in a league of your own with impressing Asian women. Now is the perfect time to fall in love and share your heart with the perfect woman for you.

Use our dating tips and news to make your life better than you ever imagined. Start your journey today with the help of AsianDate tips and news. We want to see you succeed on your journey of love and we’re here to make it happen. Worst Relationship Advice You're Following | Worst Relationship Advice You’re Following

Relationship advice is always something that you can benefit from, but what we sometimes don’t realize is that the advice we are given is not really the kind of advice that can do us good. Do you get our drift? Surprisingly, you may be thinking that you can spot a bad advice from a mile away but has compiled a list of the worst relationship advice you’re still following today. We Still Believe These Relationship Tips

Don’t believe us when we say that you’re still following bad relationship advice from your friends and family? See for yourself. See if you think any of the following statements on our list sound familiar:

1.      Act like a jerk because it always works on women.

What you need to realize is that there’s a difference between acting like a jerk and acting confidently. Whoever told you this advice may have overlooked the fact that women respond to men who are naturally confident. They shut down jerks who act like they’re smooth, but really aren’t.

2.      Give it another chance.

There are relationships that are worth salvaging, but there are those that you have to let go of. It’s ok to give a second chance, but after that, if things still aren’t fixed, the relationship you are in could be toxic already.

3.      Move fast, or you won’t win the race.

A lot of people liken dating to a race. They say that when you reach a certain age, you’re no longer in the running. You just have to accept that you are not part of the race anymore. This is total hooey! Love is not a race, if you treat is as such, you will hasten your dating process and just settle with whoever comes your way.

Now, do you believe when we say that these are the worst relationship advice ever? There more where that came from, but you have to check in another day. While you’re waiting for our next helpful and interesting post, you can back track through the past posts we’ve done on our blog.

Questions You're Not Asking About Love At First Sight | AsianDate

Questions That Will Tell You If You’re Experiencing Love At First Sight

We’ve all gone through a phase, or maybe several phases, where we think we’re in love with someone we just met. Everyone knows this as the “love at first sight” phenomenon. It makes you feel all the right things at the moment of meeting – butterflies in your stomach, your heart skipping a beat, and the rest of the shebang. While love at first sight can feel like cupid’s arrow has buried deep into your ventricular walls, you still need to snap back and ask yourself if you truly are in love or just in love in the moment?

Questions That Assess Whether You Truly Are In Love At First Sight?

Of course, we believe that anything can happen with love so the chance of your love at first sight turning into something serious is not discounted. What we are saying is that you need to set your fluttering emotions aside and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is It Just Physical Attraction?

Don’t get us wrong. Physical attraction is important in any relationship but physique shouldn’t be the only aspect in a person you like. Physical attraction fades in and out of a relationship, so if this is the only aspect of the person you like, the relationship might not stand the test of time.

2. He or She Is Flawed. Is This OK With Me?

Obviously, the person you have an eye for will have their own flaws. As soon as you simmer down from your love at first sight feeling, you’re going to see that soon enough. You have to ask yourself if this is ok with you, if not, you have to come to terms that you are not in love at all.

3. Will You Have The Same Values?

So you can get along with the person you’re interested in, you have to have the same set of values in life. You can find this out by getting to know the person. What if you find out that you don’t? Are you still willing to work on the relationship, or potential relationship?

4. Is The Feeling Mutual?

You can’t really form a relationship if the other party is not feeling the same as you. Because you can’t really flat out ask the person you like, “are you interested in me too?” you have to find out slowly. There’s chance that the answer is no, of course, so you have to be willing to take the risk if you’re truly in love.

These questions should make you more focused in assessing whether your love at first sight can bloom into a real relationship or if it’s just going to fade away in a couple of days. Share this post if you found it helpful and don’t forget to read more of our posts on our blog.

She's Cheating AsianDate

Your Gut Says She’s Cheating, Is It Right?

How many times has your gut been right on something? Even though we can’t really count the exact number of times, most of us would say that our gut has never let us down. That’s because, according to science, our gut has been a useful instrument for humans ever since the primitive times. But, fast forward to today, will it be accurate in terms of detecting if our partner is cheating? answers this question straight-forwardly.

Can Your Trust Your Gut When It Says “She’s Cheating”?

Let’s back track a little bit and go back to caveman times. As mentioned, our gut has been a useful tool, but most especially during this time. Based on scientific data, us humans used our gut to determine (quickly) if someone or something is on our side or not. In short, we used our gut for survival.

Today, we can’t rely on our gut for survival, most of the time, because, it’s not like we’re going to come across a T-Rex as we walk down the street. In the modern world, our guts have lost their accuracy.

Moments When Our Gut Is Wrong

For example, in an office setting, when you’re the hiring officer, you can’t really base your judgement on who to hire on your gut. There will be a couple of factors that will influence your decision. If a potential candidate came from the same school as you, your gut’s going to tell you that this person is part of your “tribe”.

Moments When Our Gut Is Right

Now, when it comes to relationships, our gut may be on to something. We mentioned that it has lost its accuracy, but we can still rely on our gut during certain situations. The main purpose of our gut feeling is to detect whether we are in danger or not. When in a relationship, if our partner’s behaviors have changed, our gut may be smelling something fishy. A change in behavioral patterns indicate that something is up. Just a gentle reminder, your gut won’t say “She’s cheating! She’s cheating!”, but what it will say is that something is not quite right.

It’s up to you whether you act on your gut feeling or not, of course. But, the safest way around this feeling is to confront your partner and talk to him or her personally about the changes. For more tips, you can check out our blog here.

Is Your Relationship Status Single, Taken, Or Something Else? | AsianDate

Relationship Status Can Be A Number Of Things, It’s Time You Adjust

When you think of relationship statuses, you think of two – single or taken. But, today’s modern age has given birth to other forms of relationship states. The birthing of these new states seemed to have been triggered by online dating, dating apps, social media, and other new forms of meeting people. Which relationship status do you think yours falls under?

Choose Your Relationship Status Or Category

It’s interesting to observe that people now see themselves or see their relationship as more than just single or taken. The following new categories have been added to the mix:

Permanent Singledom

You might be asking yourself, “isn’t this status similar to just being single?” You’re right it is, but when you’re single you might still have the desire to date or meet new people. Permanent singledom is more of coming to terms with your single relationship status being permanent. You, likely, will not date anymore because your satisfied with just being with yourself.

Dating In Ranks

When you talk about this relationship status, think of it as ranking in the army. You have the General of the Army which is the highest rank, then comes General, then Lieutenant General. Dating in ranks means that your main source of romantic contact is the General of the Army. If the General of the Army isn’t available, you move to the General. If the General isn’t available, well, you get the picture.

You rank your dates based on your preferences. The date with the most “checks” on your list is ranked #1, then #2, and so on. #1 is priority, of course.

Part-Time Dating

So what does it mean to date part-time? You and your significant other see each other, but not often. Both of you have a mutual understanding, but you don’t follow the norms of conventional dating. You see each other whenever available, and you keep in touch as much as you see each other.

So now that you know these new statuses, do you now know which one your relationship falls under? We hope you found this interesting. We have more posts on the blog so make sure you check them out after reading this. Do share this article via email or social media.