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Asian Culture

A relationship is a two way street of speaking and listening. Listen to your Asian woman enlighten you about her culture. When you speak with your beauty from AsianDate don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your own knowledge.

Asian culture varies greatly depending on the area of Asia you are in. In order to know which part of Asia you would like to visit, you will need to know all the Asian culture facts. Use this blog to gain in-depth knowledge of the many cultures of Asia.

When you find the right fit, feel free to take our advice and apply it to your travels in order to make the most fulfilling trip and become a part of the Asian culture.

right relationship AsianDate

Things That Change When You’re In The Right Relationship

If you have already experienced a lot of failed relationships, the question of how do you know when you are in the right relationship with the right person may be burning in your mind. It’s normal. We all want to feel that right kind of love.

You’re In The Right Relationship When You Spot These Signs

The good news is that there are signs to watch out for. We’ve listed a few below. These should help you understand what it means to be with the right person:

1. You’re on the same page about big things.

The first sign that tells you that you’re in the right relationship is your agreement about major things in life. Whether it’s finances, values, principles, or starting a family, you’re on the same page about it. There’s little to no argument about making major decisions because you, most likely, see things under the same light.

2. You don’t feel anxious.

Have you ever had apprehensions in your past relationships? If yes, it proves that they weren’t the right ones for you. Being in the right relationship makes you feel comfortable, secure and safe.

3. Nothing feels forced.

Everything has that go-with-the-flow vibe. You don’t have to exert all your efforts to make things happen. Things happen by themselves in a smooth and easy way. For example, you’ve been wanting to go out on a date. When you’re in the right relationship, you won’t have to drop hints to manipulate your partner to take you out.

4. There is no fear of judgment.

You can be yourself when you’re with the right person. You don’t think about making mistakes as if you’re tiptoeing on eggshells. The right person will make you feel like it’s OK to be yourself. It’s OK to show your true colors because there will be no judgments.

5. You do not pick fights intentionally.

We have to admit that we may have initiated some relationship fights we’ve had in the past to get our former partner’s attention. We never have to do this when we’re in the right relationship. This isn’t to say that the fighting stops. There will be disagreements, but arguments are not made into a tool for manipulation.

Do you spot any of the signs in your current relationship? If not, don’t lose hope. For more relationship tips, read more posts on our blog.

Why Money Is A Vital Relationship Topic | Asian Date

Why Money Is A Vital Relationship Topic

Money has always been a relationship topic that’s awkward to talk about. This is why most couples just sweep the conversation under a rug. Out of sight, out of mind, right? However, no matter how long you avoid talking about money, it will still come up, eventually. When you decide on purchasing something as a couple, the relationship topic of finances will most likely be discussed.

Relationship Topic: How To Talk About Money

Most likely, money is so hard to talk about because we’ve all been taught to never discuss the topic as it is considered rude. It may be in general conversations. However, when you are in a relationship, you need to communicate effectively about anything and everything. This includes money. To avoid finances being a major source of conflict, you must learn to:

Be Transparent

The more you hide your financial situation from your partner, the more difficult it will be for your partner to understand you fully. For example, you’re worried about not being able to pay your credit card bill on time. As a result, you always mope around. When your partner asks why you’re acting this way, you tell him or her that everything is alright. Your partner will likely be frustrated because your actions don’t match what you’re saying.

Be transparent about your financial situation. It’s going to be awkward, especially if you have a ton of debt to take care of. But, it will be better for your relationship in the long run.

Be Willing To Fill In

In most cases, one person in the relationship will earn better than the other one. It’s important to remember that you are not in competition with your partner in this area. If you are the higher earner, make sure you don’t judge your better half because he or she is earning less. Be ready to fill in, financially, whenever the situation calls for it. Just make sure that your partner is contributing (even if it’s just small amounts).

Have A Clear Financial Goal

When a couple has been together for a number of years, it’s likely that their finances are combined. The couple can share rent, house bills, and so on. This is why it’s important to have a clear financial goal or plan in mind. The plan will allow both people in the relationship to know when to spend and when to save, granted that both people stick to the plan, of course.

You talk about money to ensure that your future will be all set as a couple. You don’t talk about money to brag or put the other down. It’s going to be a hard conversation, at first, but as you break the barrier, it will get easier. Who knows? Your relationship might just improve because you have handled this hurdle as a couple. Read more from our blog here.


You Should Date A Filipina If You Want To Be Happy, Survey Says | Asian Date

You Should Date A Filipina If You Want To Be Happy, Survey Says

It’s no doubt that Filipinos are among the happiest people in the world. Several studies have confirmed this, and evidence of the resilience of this race has been heavily documented. In line with the theme of happiness, the Filipino people have also been rated second highest in terms of relationship fulfillment. Based on a study, you should probably date a Filipina if you want to have a fulfilling life.

Date A Filipina And Happy Days Will Come

The study mentioned doesn’t just deal with romantic relationships. It deals with all kinds of primary relationships – those with partners, family, children, and friends. What the survey says is that the Philippines scored a 79/100 in their relationship satisfaction index. Romantically speaking, respondents reported the following:

  • 84% said that they show their appreciation to their partners when their partner initiates doing something as a couple.
  • 84% mentioned that they respected the individuality of their partner.
  • 82% expressed that they are honest in their relationship.
  • 79% said that their partner makes them laugh and vice versa.
  • 78% agreed that they get along well with their partners.

What Does This Data Mean?

What you can take away from the data presented by the survey is that Filipinas could make for an ideal life partner. By nature, it’s not just the cheerfulness that encourages foreign men to date a Filipina. It’s also because of the high value they place on maintaining close family ties, ensuring that they will have a relationship with their children, as well as their friends.

Where Can You Meet Filipinas To Date?

There are different ways for you to find Filipinas to start chatting with. You could begin your search via social media. However, the better idea would be to go through a legitimate dating site, like Asian Date, so you have more security and you can be certain that the ladies you’re chatting with have verified profiles.

Whatever the case, Filipinas are at the top of their game when it comes to relationship fulfillment. Other benefits can arise from this trait, but the top one you should be focusing on is that you’ll likely have a happier relationship with a lady from the Philippines.

For more news on Asian culture, as well as dating tips, check out the rest of our blog here.

You Didn’t Even Know These Celebrities Are Asian

The wonders that take place when the gene pool is mixed up are probably never more obvious than on the faces of some of the most radiant stars. You may be big fans of thairs, but without doubt, some of you may not even have realized that the following celebrities are Asian.

Some Of The World’s Biggest Celebrities Are Asian

From singers who fill stadia all over the world, to actors and actresses whose films we can’t get enough of, these amazing celebrities are, at least partly, of Asian descent. See how many of them you realized were so.


Olivia Munn Instagram

Actress Olivia Munn is of Vietnamese origin.

The gorgeous 37-year-old actress and model has graced some of the most glamorous covers and starred in some of the most popular Hollywood films, like “Ocean’s Eight”, “X-Men Apocalypse”, and “Iron Man 2”. What you may not know about her, though, is that her mother, Kimberly Schmid, of Chinese descent, was born and raised in Vietnam and fled to Oklahoma in 1975, after the Vietnam War.


Nicole Scherzinger Instagram

The multitalented ex-Pussycat Doll has shown extraordinary talent in singing, dancing and being a judge on The X-Factor. She is also much admired for her amazing looks and hot body. It may be down to her mix of genes, since her father, Alfonso Valiente, is of Filipino descent while her mother, Rosemary Elikolani, has Native Hawaiian and Ukrainian ancestry.


Keanu Reeves AsianDate

One of the most loved and respected Hollywood actors for over 3 decades now, Keanu Reeves is more widely known for starring in major blockbusters “Speed” and “The Matrix”, but also for his charitable personality, and his music talent too. The handsome actor, who was born in Beirut, is of Chinese, English, Native Hawaiian, and Portuguese ancestry from his father’s side.


Some celebrities are Asian, like Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars is one of the biggest stars today, and he is also of Asian roots.

Another super-talented star is singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer Bruno Mars. Bruno, whose songs like “When I was your man”, “That’s what I like”, and “Locked out of Heaven” have topped charts the world over, may have to thank his genes for his charm and talent. Mars, real name Peter Gene Hernandez, was born on October 8, 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Peter Hernandez and Bernadette San Pedro Bayot. His father is of half Puerto Rican and half Ashkenazi Jewish descent (from Ukraine and Hungary), and his mother, who was of Filipino and Spanish ancestry, emigrated from the Philippines to Hawaii as a child.


Some celebrities are Asian and we don't know it. That's the case f Enrique Inglesias.

We all know who the hearththrob’s father is, but did you know his mum is Asian?

Last but not least, a singer who can be described as a true superstar. Enrique Inglesias has spent his whole life in the limelight, as he is the son of Spanish singer and heatthrob Julio Inglesias. Even though his father is so widely known, though, few people actually know that Enrique has Asian roots. His mother, Isabel Preysler, is a Filipina socialite and magazine journalist.

With their genuine talent and natural good looks, even though you may not have realized these celebrities are Asian, they definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

If you enjoyed reading this article, continue reading about Asian culture here. For the chance to meet some amazing Asian ladies, visit AsianDate today. If you want, you can also download our date and chat app too.