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Open the Doors to Asia

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Alexa is the proof that mixed race relationships produce beautiful children.

The Supermodel That’s Living Proof That Mixed Race Relationships Are The Best

In an era where there are not many models that can stand out for being unique, Alexa Chung is the ultimate “it” girl, the girl that doesn’t follow the rules; she makes them. Let’s meet this amazing woman who is the proof that mixed race relationships can produce the most beautiful results.

The Most Convincing Argument For Mixed Race Relationships In The Form Of A Gorgeous Girl

Alexa Chung is arguably today’s most popular model. Her breathtaking looks along with her quirky and talented personality have won her a place in every major fashion show, magazine cover, music festival, TV show, and bookcase.

Beautiful Alexa is proof mixed race relationships have great results.

Alexa’s Parents

Born on the 5th of November 1983 in Hampshire, England, Alexa is the daughter of Gillian Burgess and Phillip Chung. Her mother is British, while her father is Chinese. What is so fortunate about Alexa is that she has been blessed with the best features from both ethnicities, making her face a unique blend of features that work incredibly well together.

She once told beauty blog Into The Gloss: “I’m mixed race — I’ve got half-Chinese hair, half-Caucasian hair — so it’s very fine and naturally bends as it dries.”

Mixed race relationships never seemed like such a great idea.

Alexa’s Rise To Fame

When she was just 16, Alexa was scouted in the comedy tent of Reading Festival. She started modeling for a number of teenage magazines, did a number of commercials (among some of them for Fanta, Sunsilk, and Sony Ericsson) and appeared in video clips for The Streets, Westlife, Reuben, and Holly Valance. She also appeared in a show called “Shoot Me” on Fashion TV.

Following her TV success, it was onwards and upwards for Alexa, who became the face of major fashion houses, such as Mulberry (who even named a bag after her), Lacoste, Longchamp, and walked the greatest catwalks for fashion houses like DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, and Chanel.

The British girl also likes to party and has made a name in the celebrity circles of being a party animal, often seen in music festivals, parties, and clubs. Her (huge) circle of friends includes many of the greatest names in the music and entertainment industry.

Who can be against mixed race relationships when the result is so beautiful?

Standing Out

The one thing that really set her apart has been her own personality and sense of style. Alexa hardly ever provokes with her appearance, preferring to look cute and feminine and mixing garments and styles in a way that works perfectly for her, making her a style icon in her own right.

In fact, you will see her name on best-dressed lists, and very often in the front row at fashion shows. In December 2010, the British Fashion Council presented Chung with the British Style Award which “recognizes an individual who embodies the spirit of British fashion and is an international ambassador for the UK as a leading creative hub for fashion” at a ceremony at the Savoy Theatre in London. In the following years she has consistently been a winner in prestigious fashion awards like the British Fashion Awards -at which in 2011, 2012 and 2013 Chung won the British Style Award, voted for by the public.

When mixed race relationships end up making such a beautiful creature, who would oppose them?


Not content with simply being a pretty face, the stunning lady has been involved in a number of projects, from hosting to writing books (she has written two so far) and to making her own fashion line, ALEXACHUNG.

Personal Life

Living between London and New York, the British beauty has been linked to a number of celebrities. Her most talked about being with famous musician Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys from 2007 to 2011, and Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard (of “True Blood” and “Big Little Lies” fame) for the past 2 years. Alexa doesn’t like to discuss her personal life, but she has said that she has a real fear of dating: “I have a pathological fear of dating. If someone says, ‘Do you want to meet for dinner?’ I’m like, ‘Is that a date?’ and then usually, if they’re funny and get it, they say ‘No’.”

Alexa Chung proves that mixed race relationships are beautiful.

This beautiful, smart, talented lady who has the wisdom and logic of her Chinese father and the wit and humor of her English mother, is the living, breathing proof (if proof were needed) that mixed race relationships are a great idea.

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Phubbing is a very bad new habit and a danger for our happiness.

This Is Why Phubbing Is Threatening Our Relationships

Have you ever wondered whether your fascination with the social media is an impediment to your personal happiness? Phubbing, a newly-coined word describing how we snub our partners to check out our social media accounts, refers to one of the worst habits many of us have, unfortunately, adopted.

Is Phubbing Really So Bad?

In one word: yes. Once upon a time, access to computers and the internet was restricted at work or on our home desks, but in the past few years, smartphones have changed the game completely.

Today, our smartphones have – quite literally – become the extension of our hands, accompanying us wherever we go, 24/7. This is how the term “phubbing”, a fusion of “phone” and “snubbing”, came to being. How dangerous is ignoring your partner for your mobile phone screen, though?

When Both Partners Phub

When you go out, to a restaurant for instance, you no longer see people engaging in deep conversation. Most of the time, one (or both) of the partners will be unashamedly ignoring the other, choosing to check out what’s new on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds instead.

This is, of course, detrimental to a couple’s communication, as it makes the time spent together a superficial experience and hardly something you’d call “quality time”. How can you actively participate in a meaningful discussion if you or your partner are constantly distracted by the incessant bleeping sound of the notifications arriving on your smartphones?

When Only One Of The Partners Is Phubbing

In the cases of just one of the partners being addicted to his/her mobile, a feeling of deep resentment for being so blatantly ignored soon emerges, making the partner who is more invested in spending quality time with his/her other half lose patience and, eventually, interest.

Be Smart, Keep Your Smartphone Away

While modern technology has brought us closer in so many ways, making our world a smaller place and giving us the chance to connect with each other in a more direct and fast manner, it should be handled with care. Phubbing is a prime example of how abusing an amazing means of communication can have destructive effects on our personal life. One word of advice from us, on AsianDate: next time you are out with your girl, be smart and keep your smartphone in your pocket.

If you liked this article, continue reading our blog. For more about us, click here.

Dating Asian women is fun and easy today.

The Most Popular Myths About Dating Asian Women

With the emergence of the internet and the new technological advances making our world a much smaller place than ever before, what was once a pipe dream for Western men is now a very realistic thing. This has also helped bust some of the most popular myths when it comes to dating Asian women.

Busting The Greatest Myths About Dating Asian Women

There are certain false ideas and opinions that have been formed about Asian women over the years, but our era has thankfully given us the chance to have a clearer, more realistic opinion about dating them. Let’s bust some of those outdated myths and restore the truth at once.

Myth #1. Asian women are uneducated and their only aspiration is to become housewives. This is definitely one of the greatest myths regarding Asian girls. In reality, even though Asian girls are raised to be good wives and attentive mothers, nowadays most Asian women have received an education and they have their own careers and aspirations. Anyone who has met or communicated with Asian women can attest to that.

Myth #2. Asian ladies are boring and stuck in their traditions. While it is true that Asian women are raised to respect and maintain their traditions, they are by no means boring. Asia is no longer a continent that’s cut off from Western civilization. Nowadays, Asians know and admire the Western way of life, with many Asian women wishing to experience it by living in the West.

Myth #3. Asian women want to marry Western men for their money. This may (or may not) have been true a few decades ago, but it surely is not true in this day and age. Asia has in fact been leading the emerging market recovery in the past few years, with many of its citizens in an even better economic position than Western citizens.

Myth #4. Dating Asian women is hard because of the cultural differences and difficulty in communication. The last of the most popular myths about dating Asian women also has its roots in the past concepts of what Asian people are like. Today, most Asian women speak English, and even those who are not fluent will be willing to perfect their skills.

Western men, on the other hand, have the necessary tools that can help them get acquainted with the different culture of Asian women. In reality, it is those differences in culture that can make the relationship more interesting. As a bonus, learning more about each other’s customs and ideas will help you bond even more with each other.

In a nutshell, isn’t it a shame to eliminate your chances of dating Asian women, even falling in love with an Asian girl, just because of old perceptions and myths? Opening your eyes and your heart to the prospect of finding love with an Asian woman is easier than ever today.

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Fight anxiety, it can be done.

How To Fight Anxiety And Have Fun In Your Relationship

As amazing as intimate relationships can be, it is an undeniable fact that we can’t (and shouldn’t) transform into something different to who we are. We can (and should) however, make a conscious and active effort to battle our demons and become the best possible version of ourselves.  If you are the kind of person who stresses over everything, here are some tips that will help you fight anxiety and enjoy a better relationship.

The Best Ways To Fight Anxiety In Your Relationship

All relationships have issues sometimes and when anxiety kicks in, it can be a real challenge seeing things positively and having a good time. It is hard, but it is feasible. Here’s how.

Find Out Where It’s Coming From

As with all problems, the first step to dealing with them is finding out their root causes. Is anxiety an integral part of your personality that’s been with you all along, is it triggered by your low self-esteem, or could something in your relationship be the cause of it? If, for instance, you are in an emotionally or otherwise abusive relationship, it may be the exact reason why you can’t feel relaxed in it.

Let Your Partner Know How You Feel

Share your thoughts and worries with your partner. Let them in on what’s on your mind as long as you feel comfortable doing so, as this will help them figure out where some of your seemingly inexplicable behavior is coming from.

Let Your Partner Know You Can Be There For Her Too

Sometimes our partners hesitate to open up when they know we’re the kind of people who stress out easily, for fear of burdening us further with their own issues. However, a strong relationship needs to be based on mutual trust and honesty, so she needs to know you can be relied on, no matter what.

Learn To Prioritize

When you’re in an anxious state, it is easy to confuse smaller problems for big ones. Take a deep breath and write down the things stressing you out. Next to each of these things, put a rating number from 1-5, ranging from very serious to slightly serious. You will be surprised by how many of them are insignificant and solvable.

Then, list them from the most to the least pressing ones and think of the ways you can deal with them. If you need instant gratification, you can begin by solving one of the least serious ones, but then make it your business to deal with the most important ones.

Give Yourself Time And Personal Space

Personal space is crucial in relationships, so if you feel like you need some, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Take deep breaths and allow yourself the necessary time to put your thoughts in order and relax. Decisions made under pressure and stress are hardly ever good decisions, so your partners will most probably appreciate and respect your need to pull yourself together.

Find What Makes You Happy And Pursue It With A Passion

As you come to terms with your fear, insecurities, and priorities, don’t forget that having fun is more important than anything else; it’s what life should be about. Find out what makes you smile, give yourself the luxury of doing it and combine it with your partner. Make happy memories together and bond over the positive experiences you share.

Anyone who says it’s simple to fight anxiety has probably never had to do it. However, simply wallowing in the pains of having an anxious disposition will only make things worse, pushing your relationship to breaking point, making it drift into something widely unpleasant and painful. Instead, you should deal with the issue by drawing on your inner resources, prioritizing and enlisting the help of your partner in order to see life from a more positive and stress-free angle.

We hope this article has offered you some insight. For more relationships and dating tips, visit our blog. You can also meet lovely Asian girls on AsianDate, or see a selection of their profiles here.