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Dating Recyclers Asian Date

You Need To Watch Out For Dating Recyclers

Everyone knows that it’s good to recycle. It’s great for the environment and doing so helps us fulfill our social responsibility towards Mother Earth. But, in dating, Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D, an Associate Editor of Gestalt Review, used the word “recycle” in a different light. She came up with the term: Dating Recyclers.

Understanding Dating Recyclers

Let’s define the term first. According to Dr. Greenberg, dating recyclers are narcissistic men and women who tend to cycle through the roster of their lovers. They avoid confrontations and they highly value being with someone who is predictable. Most often, they don’t pursue new lovers because their needs are met with the roster they currently have.

How do dating recyclers operate?

The word roster was mentioned because this is exactly what a recycler has. Overtime, this type of dater would collect a number of people for their rosters. What they, then, do is start with the first person on the list. Once a recycler feels that his or her ego has been damaged, or if he or she is just plain bored, the next step is to move on to the second person on the list. The damage or boredom happens again, so the recycler moves on to number 3 on the list. The cycle goes on and on.

According to Dr. Greenberg, when the lovers don’t notice anything, the pattern can go on forever, but, in most cases, lovers do find out. They either leave the relationship or just settle with the idea.

Is it bad to date a recycler?

As mentioned earlier, recycling is a negative dating pattern that narcissists follow. It’s good to be open to other types of dating – an open relationship, for example. However, with dating recyclers they don’t really go into this type of relationship with full honesty. They just keep it to themselves until lovers find out. So, to answer the question, yes, it’s a bad idea to be in the roster of a recycler.

For more dating news, make sure you check out more of our blog posts. Don’t forget to visit the Asian Date site as well.

Love Lessons That You Should Have Learned From Past Flings

When you look back at all the past flings you’ve had in your life, can you say that you have learned a lot from the experiences you’ve gone through? Revisiting memories that are potentially painful might not be an easy task for most of us, but, most importantly, we can hold on to the fact that we learned valuable life as well as love lessons from our previous relationships.

Cherish These Love Lessons From Your Past Relationships

Each of us has had their own lessons with our individual experiences, but here’s a helpful list of common love lessons you might have experienced from your past flings that you have never though of before. These lessons can help you in your future relationship, and they can even make your realize just how much you have grown as a person:

1. Falling Out Of Love Is Something Real

You have definitely gone through a stage in one of your relationships where you told yourself that you don’t feel anything anymore. This is normal, and it happens to everybody. We all need to realize and accept this fact whether it happened to us or our previous partner.

2. The Person You Love Most Will Hurt You the Most

Raise your hand if you agree. Most of us have this tendency to put our significant others on a pedestal, only to be disappointed in the end. This is actually more of a life lesson than a lesson in love – we need to realize that people will disappoint us at some point. The best thing to approach this is to think positively, resolve whatever issue is present through communication and honesty, and then move forward.

3. You Can’t Force Someone To Change

How many times have we read this in dating blogs? You absolutely cannot force anybody to change. It’s worth repeating here because, often times, when we are in love, we automatically think that the other person will change with us and for us. That isn’t always the case and we need to accept it.

As mentioned, we can carry these love lessons into the relationships that we are soon to have. Our past flings may not have worked out, but think of them as necessary obstacles that you may have already hurdled. Because of all the lessons you’ve learned and hurt you’ve gone through, you have emerged a better person. For more insightful tips on love and relationships, check out more of our articles here.

MIT Experts Say Online Dating Produces A Better Marriage

It’s no surprise that online dating has been accepted into society. Couples that met through online platforms, like AsianDate, are not ashamed to say so anymore because meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend online has been widely accepted as a norm. If the acceptance wasn’t enough, a new MIT study seems to suggest that a better marriage can emerge from dating someone online.

How Can Online Dating Result To A Better Marriage?

First off, the study revealed that online dating actually has a big impact on society. Since the creation of dating sites, from the late 90s to early 2000s, the number of interracial marriages have increased. The researches admitted that the data doesn’t really pinpoint to that conclusion, but the numbers do indicate the likelihood of it.

This tells us that society has diversified. So what does this have to do with a better marriage? A lot, apparently. By extension, the diversification of our society has made us more open-minded, accepting and ready to find love in new ways.  This leads us to another result from the study.

Aside from the increase in the number of interracial couples, the results also revealed that couples who have met through dating sites, or even apps, have had lower rates of marital breakup or divorce. The documentation of the study was not clear as to why couples who have met online or through dating apps have a lesser chance of divorce, but it could, possibly, be attributed to society’s change of perspective.

Before There Was Online

Before online dating, folks were more comfortable meeting their spouse or partners through friends. Blind dates, introduction during gatherings or parties, fixed dates and the like were the norm. Couples who met through this means were most likely of the same class – same race, same educational background, and so on. Birds of the same feather, flock together, right?

So, this trend was disrupted when dating through the internet became mainstream. This doesn’t exactly explain the lesser percentage of marital break ups but, most likely, since people’s mind were opened to new possibilities, their hearts were also opened to the  idea of a more compatible partner who’s outside of their own class.

This isn’t to say that a better marriage cannot emerge from a couple who met offline. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the findings are interesting. Share this post to those who have always wanted to try online dating. We also have more posts for you to check out on our blog.

Asian Date Heal Technique

Asian Date: Try This Technique To Repair Your Relationship

Couples have their differences. Just because two people are in a loving relationship, it doesn’t mean that they will get along every day without running into arguments or minor squabbles. These are all normal when you are with someone who may not have the same perception, values, or expectations as you. What’s important is that issues are resolved appropriately. With that said, we, at Asian Date, share a simple technique that can make conflict resolution easier and quicker.

Asian Date: How To Use The HEAL Technique

The HEAL technique was developed by Melanie Greenberg Ph.D. of The Mindful Self-Express. HEAL stands for Hear, Empathize, Act, and Love. To make conflict resolution within the relationship easier, it is suggested that you use the HEAL technique this way:


When the conflict is on-going, it’s best to hear what your partner has to say. Hearing is just the first half of what you need to do. You have to understand and be mentally present, so you know where your partner is coming from. Understanding and mental presence is essential in this case because you have to be sensitive with non-verbal cues as well.


The next step is to empathize with your partner. Empathizing is different from sympathize because it’s not merely understanding how the person feels, but understanding why the person feels a certain way. Empathizing allows you to see things from your partner’s perspective.


Acting is basically implementing the changes that need to happen. Act on what needs to be done right now, but if the solution to your conflict will take time, make sure that you show your partner that you are willing to make the changes.


Finally, love. Love has something to do with you taking the initiative to bring back the loving feelings you had before the relationship conflict. When we imagine the situation as healing a wound, this step is similar to putting ointment on the wound to make it heal faster. You need to bring your relationship back to a more ideal state after your fight or argument.

When both of you in the relationship practice the HEAL technique, it’s going to make conflict resolution less stressful. It’s not going to be a walk in the park when you do decide to make use of this technique, but when you get the hang of it, the conflicts you experience will be more manageable. For more Asian Date tips on relationships, check out our blog here.