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Crazy Bug Eating And Other Reasons Why You Should Visit Cambodia

From the history-loving traveler who is interested in learning how a country recovered from its ashes to finally find peace, to the nature-lover who likes to wander into virgin jungles and swim in pristine waters; and those who can’t wait to marvel at the stunning beauty of Hindu and Buddhist temples and learn about the culture of a place, everyone must visit Cambodia.

Visit Cambodia And You’ll See These Wonders

For most westerners, Cambodia was a place fairly unknown until the Tomb Raider film showed the world its amazingly wild beauty. These are the absolute must-dos for all its visitors.

Angkor Wat

Arguably Cambodia’s biggest tourist attraction, the famous ancient temple of Angkor Wat is absolutely breathtaking with its five lotus-like towers that rise 65 meters high. The temple took 30 years to build (in the 1100s) and its first function was to be the home of King Suryavarman II. It remained obscure and hidden until the colonization of Cambodia by the French, in the 1800s. This UNESCO World Heritage site has been recognized as one of the ancient wonders of the world. It is located in the Angkor Archaeological Park and the best time to visit the place is during sunrise. Be warned though, it is extremely popular and tourists arrive in drones from as early as 5.30a.m.

Angkor Wat is one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, and a reason to visit Cambodia.

The temple of Angkor Wat is world famous for its history and beauty.

Pub Street and Siem Reap Night Market

For the night birds among you, Cambodia has the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourselves. The Pub Street and the Siem Reap Night Market are full of restaurants, bars, and spas. Do a fish pedicure, buy your – very reasonably priced – holiday souvenirs from the Night Market, grab yourselves an aptly-named “Tomb Raider” cocktail from one of the super-loud bars lining the streets and mingle with the colorful crowds, taking in the sounds and smells of the city.

One of the liveliest places in Cambodia is Pub Street.

You can’t visit Cambodia and miss out on the lights and colors of Pub Street.

Southwestern Beach, Koh Rong

One of the most idyllic beaches in Cambodia can be found in Koh Rong, a majestic island in the Gulf of Thailand. With close to 5 kilometers of white beach sand, exotic palm trees generously offering their shade and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Southwestern Beach is truly unmissable. For the snorkeling enthusiasts, the southern end of the beach has rocks where snorkelers can observe all kinds of colorful, exotic fish swim by peacefully.

Beautiful beaches are just one more reason to visit Cambodia.

Southwestern Beach in Koh Rong is a paradise on Earth.

Insect Eating

For the daring and adventurous types who like to experiment with their food choices, there are quite a few places that offer slightly “different” dishes. You can try fried tarantula spiders, crickets or some other insect; or if you are more traditional in your tastes, you can just watch others get brave as you munch on a mango or banana instead.

Friend insects are a common delicacy when you visit Cambodia.

The more adventurous can try fried insects.

Whether you love the amazing nature of the place, have an interest in its cultural significance or want to know more about its tumultuous history, we advise you to visit Cambodia and find even more reasons to remember it forever.

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You can't go out dating in 2017 if you aren't familiar with the latest dating dictionary.

If You Are Dating In 2017 You’ll Need This Dating Dictionary

Even though dating is one of the oldest things known to man, there is no doubt it is also one of the most complicated. Luckily, dating is never boring, but since the game changes so frequently, you need to always be up to date with the new vocabulary used. We are here to explain all the current dating dictionary words and expressions, so you will go out stronger and better educated when it comes to dating.

The Latest Dating Dictionary Terms To Know

Don’t look all confused when she asks you to DTR, learn what preparing a shack pack means, and recognize when you’re being breadcrumbed or ghosted. These are the new dating dictionary terminology explained.

Benching: like a football player that the coach thinks is too so-and-so to put in the field if you are ‘benched’ it means you are not seen as good enough to be a key player in a person’s love life, but rather someone who is kept as a substitute. Not a good position to be in, so our advice is to quit the team altogether.

Bread Crumbing: when someone bread crumbs you, they are giving you very little (hence, the bread crumbs), just enough to give you hope and keep you keen, but not making any kind of commitment.

Catch and Release: sounds like an athletic term, but it’s actually what insecure people tend to do. First, they catch your attention, and then they lost interest and leave.

Cushioning: there is no nice way to put this. ‘Cushioning’ means to have someone on the side and on the backburner while another love interest is center stage in your life. The goal of having people as ‘cushions’ is to soften the blow if your main thing goes wrong.

Ghosting: one of the most widely used terms these days is ghosting. The word describes the act of disappearing without any warning of any kind – no texts, no emails and no phone calls. Like a ghost, you just become invisible.

Shack Pack: If one of you is spending the night at the other person’s place, you’re going to have to prepare a back with the essentials to take with you. This is basically what the shack pack is.

Shipping:  when you “ship” a relationship, it means that you endorse/ support it. For example, you could say “I am definitely shipping Tom’s relationship with Jing. They’re a perfect match.”

Slow fading: If you want to terminate a relationship, but would rather not have ‘the talk’ or end things abruptly, you may want to choose the technique of ‘slow fading’. In this technique, you slowly step away from the relationship by sending fewer and less intense messages, not communicating as much as before and not arranging dates. You just slowly let things fade, as the term suggests.

Zombieing: One of the latest terms to be added to the dating dictionary is ‘zombieing’ – the act of suddenly showing up again out of nowhere in a person’s life. It is a practice very common to people who are in the habit of ‘ghosting’ and should make you wonder as to why a girl you had taken for dead all this time decided to re-appear out of the blue.

Don’t you feel a lot wiser now you know what these new dating dictionary terms mean? If you haven’t found your other half, you are now ready to date 2017-style.

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Why do people looking for the perfect partner doomed to an unhappy life?

Looking For A Perfect Partner Says A Lot About You

Some psychologists categorize people searching for love in two extremes: those who compromise easily and those who never do. The former tend to stop looking for a partner the minute they meet someone who has some of the attributes they are looking for, even if they lack many others, and the latter are never satisfied with anything and are constantly on the lookout for the perfect partner. Neither of them are happy.

Why The Search For A Perfect Partner Is A Sure Way To Disappointment

If you belong in the second category, your choice may say a lot about you. First of all, people who are always struggling for more are, more often than not, people who pay a lot of attention to what others have to say about them. Sometimes, this search for perfection may be, unbeknownst to you, a situation you are pressured to be in due to how much you care about what others think about you.

Men who are looking for ‘trophy wives’ are usually just seeking the attention and admiration of others. So, despite the fact that you may think that looking for a perfect partner shows you are confident, it may well be that the opposite is true. In reality, a person who’s confident doesn’t care how people judge his choice of partner, as they are sure of themselves and their choices.

How Is The Pursuit Of A Perfect Partner Making You Unhappy?

There is one little detail that eludes those looking for a perfect partner, and it’s also the main reason why they will always be unhappy: there is no such thing as a perfect partner. No one is perfect. So, in reality, when you are looking for a perfect human being, you are a delusional person searching for a utopia.

People who are after a perfect woman but, naturally, can’t find her, will keep going from relationship to relationship and from disappointment to disappointment. Their tolerance levels are low and even the smallest thing is turned into a big deal in their mind and they are unwilling to give their partner a second chance, thus missing out on relationships that might have worked if they believed in them a little more.

Because they always think what they have is not enough, they tend to have a wandering eye, so they have trouble committing to any one person since they are already looking for their next, better alternative.

Finally, these people’s hesitation to commit to one person due to their FOMO (fear of missing out) issues and their strategic choice to be with one foot out the door in any relationship intensifies the feeling of instability and insecurity in their lives, as we are far happier when we have made final decisions that we can start working and building on.

There is, however, a middle path. Not looking for a perfect partner does not mean having low standards. On the contrary, any self-respecting man won’t settle for someone they don’t feel strong love and admiration for. But having high standards is one thing, and having unrealistic ones is another.

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A Korean restaurant is full of wonderful dishes you should not miss.

First Time In A Korean Restaurant? This Is What To Order

For those of us who take great joy in trying out new things, visiting a restaurant to sample dishes from a foreign cuisine is something of a ritual. Any foodie knows that a dish is not just ingredients cooked together; it’s a window to another civilization. If you’re thinking about visiting a Korean restaurant but worry you won’t know what to get, we’re here to help.

Don’t Be Intimidated By The Menu In A Korean Restaurant

Reading the menu in a foreign cuisine’s restaurant can be a nightmare. From the unknown ingredients to the traditional (also unknown) ways of cooking, you fear you’ll end up ordering something you hate. Luckily, when it comes to Korean food, this is your guide.

We are going to start with Korea’s national dish: the Kimchi, which is basically spicy, fermented cabbage. You can either eat it as a dish of its own or you may find it as an ingredient in pretty much everything. Kimchi has a strong odor, but the taste is quite sweet and spicy – it can go from mild to very spicy indeed. It’s also quite garlicky, so if garlic and spices are not for you, maybe go easy on the kimchi. It’s a very healthy food, and even if you try a tiny bit, it’s an absolute must if you’re trying Korean cuisine.

The traditional Kimchi is a standard feature in the menu of every Korean restaurant.

Kimchi is the national dish of Korea.

Korean classic Bibimbap means ‘mixed rice’. It is usually served in a hot bowl (‘dolsot’) with meat (usually beef) and a mix of vegetables. Traditionally, there is a whole raw egg yolk on top, but don’t worry – it is slowly cooked with the heat of the dish as you stir everything together.

One of the most interesting dishes in a Korean restaurant is the bibimbap.

Bibimbap comes with a raw egg yolk that cooks as you stir everything in the hot bowl.

Koreans are also big on barbecue, so there are quite a few choices there. You can order Jaeyook gui (marinated sweet and spicy pork) or Bulgogi (beef). You will most probably find Kalbi (beef short ribs) in every menu too, but they can be quite pricey, so be prepared for that. When your meat has been grilled, you wrap it in lettuce leaves that bring out its flavor amazingly.

A Korean restaurant offering barbecue will satisfy the fans of barbecue.

Koreans are big on barbecue, so make sure you try one of their barbecue dishes too.

If you like soups, you will find a large variety of those in a Korean restaurant. You can order ‘soondooboo jjigae’ which is made with wonderful ‘soondooboo’ (soft tofu), whole prawns, clams, green onions and a raw egg cracked over the top (a bit of a theme there). It’s usually served with a small portion of rice. The ideal way to eat this is by dipping spoons with rice in the soup little by little. Expect the dish to be quite spicy, but it’s worth getting used to some heat – it’s delicious and heart-warming.

One of the most delicious soups you can try in a Korean restaurant is Soondooboo jjigae.

Soondooboo jjigae is a delicious soup that will warm your heart.

Useful  Korean Restaurant Vocabulary

Now, let’s get you familiarized with some of the general terms you’ll see in a Korean restaurant menu.

Twigim means ‘fried’, so wherever you see this, expected your dish to be prepared in a frying pan.

Jeon describes a group of Korean foods that are similar to pancakes. Pajeon is the most common among them, and it’s topped with spring onions.

Guk just meanssoup’, so anything containing the word on the title means it’s a soup you’re getting.

Jjigae means ‘stew’, so look out for it is you are a fan of stews.

Banchan are side-dishes. They contain a mix of kimchis, seaweeds, and other small plates. Expect them to come with your order, and when they are over, restaurants usually refill them.

These are the dishes to order in a Korean restaurant when you visit for the first time – and, like all introductions, they will just give you a small taste of what Korean cuisine is all about. As you get more comfortable with the tastes and style of Korean cuisine, however, you can (and should) be more adventurous and try out new things.

Did you enjoy reading this? Read more about Asian culture here. If you feel like discussing Korean cuisine with a local lady, why not visit AsianDate? You can also find us on Instagram and Pinterest.