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Asian Date examines the effects of being in relationships with imbalances.

Asian Date: How Your Brain Works In A Bad Relationship

In all kinds of relationships, whether a romantic one or otherwise, there is always someone who is trying harder, making greater efforts, putting up with more, and is generally more invested. However, Asian Date explains the effects an imbalance in a relationship has on a person when the gap is big.

Asian Date: What Happens To Us When We’re In An Unbalanced Relationship?

If you’ve gone above and beyond yourself to be there for a friend in his time of need only to find yourself feeling abandoned and alone when you were in a tough spot yourself, or if you fought with all you had to support your significant other and make your relationship work but never felt like she made half the effort for you, then you know what it’s like being in an unbalanced relationship.

This isn’t just a theory. According to a recent study led by University of Southern California researcher Diana Wang and published in the Journal of Health Psychology, a balance should be kept between giving and receiving support. When there is no balance, people suffer serious psychological effects – even in the case where they are on the receiving end, not the giving one.

The Study Findings

The team of researchers examined 1,200 responses to a survey about the support the participants give to their partners, family and friends and what they get in return.

It was found that those who reported an imbalance in support – whether giving or receiving more of it – also reported greater stress, as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety.

You’d be right to guess that “underbenefitting” (being the one who gives more than he gets) has a much worse effect than “overbenefitting” (being the one who receives more than he gives). However, according to the study’s findings, both situations are stressful.

Is It The Same For All Relationships?

Feeling like you are not good enough or useful enough for your partner or family can be sources of great stress. The only exception to this pattern seems to be the case of platonic friendships, where overbenefitting doesn’t really make people feel bad.

An explanation for this phenomenon may be the fact that friendships are, by and large, easier to cut than romantic or familiar bonds.

“It is possible that individuals are more likely to end friendships in which they received unsolicited support that contribute to over-benefiting,” the researchers wrote in their paper. “Or, it is possible that over-benefiting does not elicit distress because it is more normative to receive more support from friends.”

Do Things Change Over Time?

There is some solace to be found with the passage of time. According to the research, we grow more able to deal with these painful dynamics as we grow older and wiser.

Older participants of the study reported no hard feelings regarding relationship imbalances, most probably because they have a bigger history of giving and receiving and are, therefore, better able to rationalize things and have a more spherical view of things – also because it is possible they’ve been in both situations in their lives.

“One hypothesis may be that older adults are less distressed with either form of imbalance because they can rationalize that they have a history of ‘support payments’ to or from their network members that alleviate the imbalance,” said Wang.

Which is very hopeful for all those among us who tend to keep score and bear grudges.

We hope you found this article useful. If you’d like to read more on relationships and dating, continue here. If you’re looking for the perfect Asian lady with which to form a balanced relationship, why not visit our site, Asian Date today? let's you know beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder. This Is How Smell And Voice Affect Your Attractiveness

Forget what you know about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. Science is now letting us know that more senses are involved in making us irresistible to the opposite sex. is here to update you with the latest findings. Explains What Makes You Irresistible

Scientists from the University of Wroclaw in Poland examined more than 30 years’ worth of literature regarding studies that look into the role of voice and scent in people’s relationships.

According to lead author, Agata Groyecka, “Recently, most reviews have focused on visual attractiveness – for example, face or body attractiveness, but literature about other senses and their role in social relations has grown rapidly and should not be neglected.”

She added: “Perceiving others through all three channels (eyes, nose, and ears) gives a more reliable and broader variety of information about them.”

Our Voice

What the researchers found is mighty interesting. They revealed that we are frequently able to guess a person’s age and gender just by hearing their voice. While this may seem rather unsurprising, they also found that listeners have the ability to detect a wide range of a person’s traits – such as cooperativeness, their emotions at the time, their body size and how dominant or meek they are – from the speaker’s voice alone.

When it comes to being attracted to a person’s voice, it seems that men find women more attractive when they have an equally feminine appearance and voice. Women, on the other hand, don’t mind a guy who has a more masculine frame and a less masculine voice and vice versa.

Our Scent

If you think people can make deductions only based on a person’s voice, you will be amazed to hear that people can also draw quite accurate conclusions about someone just by smelling them.

Comparing the way we are attracted to people’s scents to the way we are attracted to someone’s looks, the scientists discovered that they are two different things. While we tend to like those who look similar to us, we are more drawn to people whose scents are different to ours.

General Conclusions

Overall, the scientists have come up with some interesting explanations as to why and how attraction is such a multisensory process. One of them is the fact that different senses give us the chance to detect desirable characteristics of possible partners both from a distance (their voice and looks), as well as up close (their scent).

And while this research, published in the Frontiers in Psychology journal, is far from conclusive, Groyecka is hopeful that it’s a very good start: “I hope that this review will inspire researchers to further explore the role of audition and olfaction in social relations.” will be here to update you, of course.

For more articles on dating and relationships, click here. If you’re looking for your other half, why not visit our site and meet some of the most beautiful Asian ladies today. You can also find out more about our app through this short video.

Tweeter users express their truths about dating.

Truths About Dating That Will Make You Laugh (Or Cry)

The magic of the social media largely lies with how immediate and honest they let their users be. So, when the hashtag #DatingIsHardBecause started trending on Twitter, people didn’t hold back. The result? Some of the biggest truths about dating that made us laugh with their wit or ponder as they hit the nail on the head hard.

Twitter Users Tell Some Of The Biggest Truths About Dating

Some users replied in all seriousness, while others chose a much lighter and fun approach. But it’s clear that everyone spoke from the heart.

Some Twitter users turn to mythology and literature for inspiration.

Twitter uses share their truths about dating.

Molly Ligon takes a leaf out of “The Wizard of Oz”, as she jokes about feeling like a real-life Dorothy who meets all the wrong kinds of guys on her life journey.

A guy tweets his truths about dating.

User PulpLibrarian is also quite worried about the kind of people he attracts, going so far as to use pictures of legit mythical monsters to get his message across.

But there are also users who blame their dating pains on no one but themselves.

One more of the truths about dating expressed on Twitter.

McMannofthepeople seems to be in a real style pickle, as he can’t seem to match his ankle monitor to his clothes for his date.

Truths about dating don't get much funnier than this.

And Ryan Broems is a tad confused, falling in love with people’s dogs – which might explain his dating issues.

Then, there are those who joke about it all, preferring to make puns about dating instead.

A fun tweet on the truths about dating.

Kudos to Jeff Dwoskin for his tweet that is not only a clever pun but also a witty remark on dating.

Truths about dating can be funnny too.

User @LievensATweet also finds puns on dating hilarious, choosing to talk about the different way Americans “date” in relation to the rest of the world.

But then, there are some serious truths about dating expressed on Twitter, like this guy’s rather bitter realization:

some serious truths about dating were also expressed.

Isaac Wright, interestingly enough, uses a social medium to blame the social media for making us fall in love with the idea of a perfect partner and be unforgiving of flaws.

Is this one of the truths about dating?

Sean Grandillo has a much more nihilistic view on humanity, as he blames every single one of us for making dating hard.

We get it, we all feel like blaming everything and everyone.

Yes, dating is hard. It may even be described as something we sometimes love to hate.

truths about dating

And it may even seem helpless at times, as @AmyEris so aptly describes it with this cartoon – but we can all agree it’s totally worth it.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Find more like it here. You can also follow us on Twitter if you’re a social media fan. If you are looking for your other half, you can meet some amazing Asian ladies on AsianDate today.


Women reveal the things they find totally uncool even if you think you're awesome doing them.

Women Reveal When They Can Totally See Through You Trying To Play It Cool

What is cool? Even though every guy would love to be considered as the “cool dude”, how many of us really know what constitutes coolness? Apparently, very few, as women reveal. One thing is for sure: trying too hard to play it cool is, well, not cool at all.

The Things Guys Do To Play It Cool That Women Reveal They Hate

Sometimes we have the wrong idea about that makes us look super-cool and likeable to the ladies, either because we have not really moved past our college-boy ways or just because we are trying to imitate someone who could pull off a kind of coolness that we, for some inexplicable reason, will never be able to copy. Here are the very obvious ways guys try to act cool, only to look like the exact opposite.

Wearing sunglasses indoors. Unless that ‘indoors’ is a solarium bed, there is no excuse to wear sunglasses in any other kind of closed space.

Adopting the “lonely dude” attitude at the bar. If you think your moody look and that leave-me-alone stance will swoon the ladies, think again. Might have worked once upon a time, when being an emo was cool (was there ever such a time, though?), but as a grown-up, you need to sort yourself out. No woman wants to flirt with a guy who seems to have more issues than Vogue.

Talking down to the waiters when you’re dining out. It’s not big and it’s not clever to be anything but polite and respectful to people who are doing their job when you’re out on a date. Otherwise, you just look like a big moron with an even bigger inferiority complex. Simple as that.

Rolling up your t-shirt sleeves to reveal your muscles/tattoos. This oh-so-subtle act is as common as it is pathetic. Some girls might be impressed, but they will be the shallow and harebrained kind, so you need to think carefully if that’s your “target market”.

Speaking loud on your mobile to attract attention. If the kind of attention you want to draw is of people who think you are an annoying douche, then it’s mission accomplished.

“Accidentally” letting her know your ex-girlfriends/one-night stands track record. Women are always unimpressed when you do that, as it is rather miserable to keep count in the first place, and even worse when you openly take pride in it. Never cool. Not ever.

We hope this helped you get a better idea of the things that you may think are cool but, as women reveal, really aren’t cool at all. The best thing you can do is to keep your dating manners and try and be yourself instead of trying to imitate the actor/chef/football player/racecar driver you think is cool. What’s cooler than being comfortable is your own skin?

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more dating tips and news, click here. For the chance to meet some of the most amazing Asian ladies, visit AsianDate today. For more about us, you can watch this.