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Open the Doors to Asia

Think of AsianDate blog as the number one destination for finding out everything you need to know about not only Asian women, but also as a window into their daily lives and the richness of Asian cultures. Let us be your primary source for Asian dating advice because our long personal experience has given us insight that we’re happy to share with you. Simply put, we know Asian women, their hopes, dreams, and desires. Gain access to the tools that will teach you about Asian culture and popular Asian destinations. You may even meet your future beloved Asian love! All of this and more can be found on the AsianDate blog.

Relationship Killers That Have Been Right Below Our Noses | Asian Date

Relationship Killers That Have Been Right In Front Of Our Noses

There are so many things we overlook when it comes to factors that negatively affect our relationship or our dating life. Of course, we see the most blatant ones, like cheating or taking our partner for granted. But, what about the relationship killers that are not too obvious for us to notice?

These Are The Relationship Killers We Often Ignore

Honestly, there are plenty of relationship killers out there that many of us are guilty of doing or showing. As early as now, we need to identify what these are to ensure our relationship goes the distance. Here are some examples:

Lack Of Self-Awareness

We don’t really consider self-awareness to be an important factor in a relationship’s success. From the term itself, we think that this only affects our “self”. What we don’t realize is that we might become too insensitive because we are not in tune with our internal thinking. It’s also possible that we won’t be able to see the things that we have done wrong clearly because our perspective of ourselves is not in alignment with reality.

Lack Of Honesty And Communication

How many relationships have been destroyed because of the lack of communication and honesty? You might think that talking or speaking your mind is easy, but it isn’t. Both require a good amount of effort and bravery, especially during the tough times. Most choose not to talk about hard topics or choose to lie about them because it is easier.

Lack Of Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Just from the definition, it’s certainly a vital component of any relationship. How empathetic we are can dictate how connected we are with our partner. They must know that we understand then and that we know how they are feeling. The lack of empathy means that you are not seeing things in the eyes of your partner.

Do an honest review of your relationship right now. See if you or your partner has any of the relationship killers listed above. Once you spot it, it’s time for you to do something about it. For more posts that help improve relationships, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

Gatsbying - The Newest Dating Trend To Pop Up | Asian Date

“Gatsbying” Is The Newest Dating Trend You Should Be Aware Of

In case you haven’t noticed yet, yes, the newest dating trend “gatsbying” is based on the main character from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”. It’s as rampant as taking a selfie on a random, boring afternoon. And everyone that has a social media account might have been guilty of it already.

Everything We Need To Know About “Gatsbying”

Before anything else, the story behind “The Great Gatsby”, in a nutshell, is that Jay Gatsby, a lowly soldier, rose to the top of society to win the affections of his one true love Daisy. Jay and Daisy met by chance at a party when they were younger. However, circumstances arose that split the would-be couple up.

After years of hard work and cunning means to procure properties and wealth, Jay Gatsby bought a mansion right across the lake from where Daisy lived. Every night, he would hold lavish parties in the hopes of seeing Daisy in one of them.

Basically, this is what gatsbying is – posting a photo that’s attention-worthy on social media in the hopes that your crush will take notice. You’re portraying yourself to be opulent so the person you’re interested in will say that you are somebody important.

Examples Of Gatsbying

The main idea is to catch your potential date’s attention and make them think that you are someone important or someone worthy of their attention. If the above explanation still isn’t clear, take the following examples to help you understand the dating trend better:

  • Posting a selfie of yourself in a fancy restaurant with the intention of catching your crush’s attention.
  • Posting a photo of yourself holding an expensive item.
  • Posting a picture of yourself with famous people.

Unfortunately, only the person posting the photo can say that he or she is gatsbying because it all boils down to the intention of the person. Could you be guilty of it yourself? Do share this post if you found it interesting. For more posts similar to this, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

Resilient Couple: How To Achieve This | Asian Date

Here’s How You Can Become A Resilient Couple

When you talk about the word “resilient”, it means that something or someone is strong enough to recover or bounce back from a difficult situation. In our relationships, we need to have this trait. We need to be a resilient couple, tough enough to stand the challenges that come our way. It’s sad to say, though, that many don’t make it because they don’t know how to work on their resilience.

Practices That Make A Resilient Couple

If you want to survive the tough times and make it until the end, you have to do a few practices to work on your relationship’s resilience. Don’t worry because the practices are very fundamental and practical. The more you practice them, the better and stronger your relationship will get:

Work On Your Friendship

There are only a few couples out there who can say that they are best friends with their significant other. If you’re not of these couples, it’s time to work on your friendship. Whether we like it or not, that spark we always talk about fades over time if we don’t work hard to fan it. There will be times that you don’t feel like fanning the spark. This is where the friendship comes in – it’s going to help you stay connected.

Home Alone Or Date Nights

Enjoy each other’s company. It has probably been a long time since you went out and had a proper date. If you’re too busy to go out on a date, it’s not an excuse. Just stay home and have some alone time together.

Never Sweep Problems Under A Rug

If you want to become a resilient couple, you have to fix problems as they come. Never sweep issues under a rug, hoping that they will solve themselves. It is through this process that you will learn to communicate better and solve problems in a healthier way.

Be Vulnerable

When it comes to our loved one, we don’t have to put up a front or a mask so that they will like us. We have to be willing to be vulnerable in front of them, allowing them to see the weak side of ourselves. What this does is form a connection. Although we feel that we become weak because we have revealed an intimate part of us, our connection becomes strong because we are letting our partner see who we really are.

To be a resilient couple, you have to work on your connection and communication. This is the main idea of these practices. For more reviews and tips on dating and relationships, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

How Is Anuptaphobia Affecting Your Love Life | Asian Date

How Is Anuptaphobia Affecting Your Love Life?

Most of us are familiar with different phobias – phobias from snakes, the dark, and even heights. However, there’s one phobia that has something to do with our love life. It is called anuptaphobia and it, basically, means being scared of being or staying single, leading you to remaining unmarried or being married to the wrong person.

Anuptaphobia Is Hindering You From Finding Love

This phobia has grown rampant and it seems that no one is safe from it. Probably everyone in this generation is being affected by anuptaphobia. You might also be experiencing it without even knowing. So, how is this condition affecting our dating pursuits and love life?

  • It lets us believe that we will never be happy without someone in our lives.
  • We are not comfortable being alone so we settle with whoever we meet.
  • Marriage is something that we worry about.
  • We stay in relationships that don’t work.
  • We feel inadequate most of the time.

All of these are symptoms of anuptaphobia, and this is why the fear of being alone hinders us from finding true love. It doesn’t allow us to come to terms or even discover our true selves or our happiness. We solely depend on another person for the joy we feel. We should never live our lives like this. What’s the solution?

How To Get Over Your Anuptaphobia

It is not going to be easy because overcoming a phobia never is. But, you know what they say: to get over your fear, you must face it or look it straight in the eye. This means that you have to try to be alone. See how it feels like and how it suits you. You never know what you’re going to discover.

During your alone time, make sure that you work on yourself. Don’t just focus on being alone and doing nothing because this is going to augment your loneliness.

It is going to be a scary experience at first because it’s just going to be you. But, take it one day at a time and you will do fine. Make sure to share this with someone who needs it. For more dating tips, be sure to read more from our blog.