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Open the Doors to Asia

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Asian Date | The Fascinating World Of Kumaris: Nepal’s Living Goddesses

The Fascinating World Of Kumari, Nepal’s Living Goddesses

Have you ever heard of a living god or goddess before? You most probably have not because it is not common. The deities that we know of in many religions, Greek mythology or even in our story books, usually manifest in the form of a spirit. But, the Kumaris of Nepal are different because they are living and breathing.

Introducing The Kumari

Asian Date | The Culture And Tradition Of Nepal

The Kumari can be as young as 4 years old. She has to live in a palace until she becomes a teen.

Yes, you read that right. In Nepal, a Kumari or Kumari Devi is a tradition where pre-pubescent, young girls are chosen and worshiped as living goddesses. In the Hindu religion, the chosen young girl is believed to be a manifestation of the female energy or devi. Practitioners also believe that the goddess Telaju presents herself in the chosen young girl. There are several Kumaris, one for each practicing region. The highest Kumari, however, is known as the Royal Kumari of Kathmandu.

Kumari’s believers pray to her and ask for their wishes to be granted. Gazing upon her is considered to bring good fortune in a believer’s life.

The Story Of Telaju And The King

One cannot fully grasp the tradition without understanding the most familiar story of how the tradition of Kumari began. There are several legends, but there’s a striking pattern to the legends – it involves King Jayaprakash Malla, the last Nepalese king of the Malla Dynasty. He and the Goddess Telaju have been playing a game of dice almost every night. The deal was for Telaju to continue playing the game as long as the King didn’t tell anyone of their meetings.

Out of curiosity, the queen secretly followed the king one night, to see who he has frequently been meeting. When the goddess Telaju found out, she was very angered and told the king that if he wanted to see her and still keep protecting his country, he would have to look for her among common people as she would reincarnate in a little girl. King obeyed and the tradition of Kumari was born.

What Happens When A Kumari Is Chosen?

Little girls as young as 4 years old will have to leave their family and live in the palace. The majority of the time they are looked after by their servants and only leave the palace when they are needed for ceremonial occasions. Kumari’s family rarely visits her. She doesn’t have a lot of playmates growing up like regular children. When she enters adolescents and menstruates, that’s the time that she leaves the palace and returns to her family. It is said that blood is a sign of the goddess Telaju leaving her body.

This is just one of the many interesting practices the Asian culture has. To know more about Asia and its people, check out more posts on our blog.


Asian Date | Why Do All Vietnamese Turn A Year Older During Tet Celebration?

Ready For A New Beginning? Try This Vietnamese Tradition

Everyone turns a year older on the day they were born, but the Vietnamese calculate ages and birthdays in a different way. Did you know that there’s one particular day when every Vietnamese turns a year older? It’s a Vietnamese tradition called the Tet Nguyen Dan or just Tet Celebration for short. On this special day, everyone adds a year to their age because it is the universal birthday that all of Vietnam celebrates.

All About The Tet Celebration

Tet Nguyen Dan translates to “the first morning of the first day”. It is equivalent to celebrating the Lunar New Year, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and birthday celebrations all wrapped into one. As said, everyone in Vietnam turns a year older during Tet, but the festivities are not dedicated to everyone turning a year older.

Why Is Tet Celebrated?

Tet is celebrated because it marks the arrival of spring on the Vietnamese calendar. It symbolizes new beginnings. All Vietnamese believe that whatever you do during Tet celebration will be carried throughout the entire year. For example, if you are positive and happy during Tet, the rest of your year will also be positive and happy. This is why every Vietnamese is in a good mood on the day of Tet. Negative actions and moods are avoided as the day is greeted with feasts and different sorts of feel-good actions.

How Is Tet Celebrated?

As mentioned, families prepare feasts during Tet. They wear native attires that are brand new. The streets are lined with vendors selling fruits and flowers in preparation for the eve of Tet. On the eve itself, bells ring at the temples and prayers are chanted. Families congratulate each other for turning a year older, and the streets are bustling with firecrackers and people celebrating the entrance of the new year.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without gifts, right? Children receive Mung Tuoi which is a gift giving ritual elders practice. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles give children “lucky” money inside a red envelope and then offer them well-wishes and wisdom for the coming year.

So, How About Regular Birthdays?

Surprisingly, the day when a Vietnamese is born is just another regular day. However, more and more families are celebrating birthdays like in the West. It’s not a big deal as Tet, though. This is why everyone’s Vietnamese age has one or two additional years depending on the date. For example, let’s say you’re 24 years old. If Tet celebration is going to happen tomorrow, you’d be 25. If your birthday happens two weeks after Tet, then you can add another year to your Vietnamese age.

For more interesting posts about the Asian culture, check out other posts on the blog. Don’t forget to visit Asian Date to find beautiful Vietnamese women to celebrate Tet, some other Vietnamese tradition or a new beginning with.

Asian Date | Famous Korean Models You Can’t Help But Crush On

Famous Korean Models You Can’t Help But Crush On

Standards of beauty in Korea are different from those in the West. In Korea, you have to look youthful, and your skin has to match your youthful look too. But although beauty standards of Koreans may be different than ours, we can all agree on one fact: the famous Korean models on this list are drop dead gorgeous no matter what the beauty standard is.

Famous Korean Models With Local And International Notoriety

Let’s take a look at the Korean models who have garnered notoriety both at home and abroad for their slender bodies, stunning looks and irresistible charms.

Lee Sung Kyung

A photo posted by 이성경 (@heybiblee) on

She is known as @heybiblee on Instagram with around 3million followers. Aside from modeling, she also does acting. In fact, this year is a good year for her acting career, because in February 2016, she was cast in her first film, a crime thriller called Broker. In November of this year, she took on her first leading role in the movie about an Olympic weightlifting champion, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.

Irene Kim

A photo posted by Irene Kim (@ireneisgood) on

Irene Kim is Korea’s it-girl. Well, one of them at least. She is known on Instagram as @ireneisgood and has around 800K followers. She gained her fame when she walked the runways of New York during the 2014 Spring shows. She’s worked with big brands like Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder.

Kang Ye Bin

A photo posted by 강예빈 (@kang_ye_bin) on

Kang Ye Bin’s Instagram handle is @kang_ye_bin. She has around 162K followers. She may not be as famous as the first two Korean models on this list, but she is equally gorgeous. She has also taken the route of model turned actress just like her predecessors. Currently, she’s continuing her modeling and acting career with some endorsements on the side.

Chaeeun Sarah Lee

Chaeeun Sarah Lee is probably the least famous on this list, but she sure is the sultriest. Her Instagram name is @rockchaeeun, and she has around 85K followers. Based on her Instagram feed she maintains her figure by working out. She’s done shoots for For Love and Lemons, a clothing brand that’s based in Los Angeles.

Do you want to see more Korean models and their Instagram accounts? We’re sure you do. We’ll have more similar lists for you soon! Don’t forget to check out other posts on our blog, or if you want to find yourself a Korean beauty head to AsianDate.

Asian Date | What K-Pop Stars Can Teach You About Dating Asians

The Insiders Teach You About Dating Asians

Have you ever heard of the term K-pop? K is simply short for Korean, while pop, in this expression, refers to the music genre. Basically, K-pop is the shortened version of Korean popular music. It’s so popular that you don’t have to explain what the expression means to an Asian because K-pop is a booming industry even outside of Korea. But, what does this have to do with dating Asians?

How Studying K-pop Stars Can Help With Dating Asians

We’ll get to that in a little bit. First, you’ve probably already figured out that K-pop stars are the boy bands and girl bands of the Asian world. They’re like the Backstreet Boys or One Direction, only “upgraded”. We use the term “upgraded” because groups who attempt to break into the industry have to undergo rigorous training for one whole year before they are debuted to the public.

Now, we can talk about how K-pop stars can help you with dating Asians. A closer look at why Asians go crazy over the dancing, singing, and acting idols can give you some tips on how you can attract Asian women. Read the following tips that we can all learn from observing K-pop stars:

1. K-pop stars take care of themselves.

Remember that one year of training that K-pop stars have to go through? Well, it involves dozens of dancing rehearsals. This serves as a K-pop star’s form of exercise. You should also have some exercise yourself. It doesn’t have to be dancing. It can be any exercise that fits your lifestyle. Asian women are attracted to men who have a fit physique, so you better start working out now.

2. K-pop stars pay attention to style.

Are we saying that you have to dress up like a K-pop star? Not at all, because sticking to your personal style – a style that you’re comfortable with – is the best way to go. Just make sure that, whatever personal style you have, you’re updated with the latest trends, and you know what looks good on your body. It could also be time for a makeover, don’t you think?

3. They’re confident performers.

Ok, so you’re not going to perform in front of your Asian date. But, you can show your confidence in other ways. The way you act, the way you speak and, generally, how you conduct yourself during dates will help your Asian date see how confident you really are.

4. Humility

If you’re not into K-pop culture, you’ve probably haven’t seen how K-pop stars address their fans. They’re very humble in doing so. While your date may not be a crazy fan waiting for your signature, you have to remember to be humble when on dates. Be humble when you treat waiters or servers. Be humble when you talk about your achievements and so on.

Do all of four of these tips, and you’re basically similar to a K-pop idol. With enough practice, you’re going to have Asian girls lining up to meet and date you! Just don’t forget to show off your personal style which is very important in the K-pop industry. For more dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.