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The Truth About How Long The Honeymoon Phase Lasts | Asian Date

The Truth About How Long The Honeymoon Phase Lasts

Do you know that most wonderful feeling we encounter every time we fall in love? We feel like we’re flying and everything’s perfect. Yes, things might seem flawless at the beginning, and that’s because our body and our mind are at an all-time high. This is called the honeymoon phase.

When Does The Honeymoon Phase End?

Definitely, the honeymoon phase is probably the best phase in any relationship. The passion is there and the spark is abundant. Both people feel like they are truly loved. Both people feel like this could be the relationship that will stand the test of time. You’re definitely in this phase of your relationship when:

  1. You are constantly showering your partner with compliments. It seems everything he or she does impresses you. Sometimes it can get smothering, but since it’s a new feeling, your partner will feel good about your praises nevertheless.
  2. Outpouring of gifts and surprises. Since you are just starting, you make every effort to make each other feel good. You try to find out what your partner likes and would cook up surprises as often as you can. You buy gifts, sometimes expensive ones, just to impress your partner.
  3. An active level of intimacy. In the novelty of the honeymoon phase, you get turned on with almost everything your partner does.

Is The End Near For The Honeymoon Phase?

The problem with the honeymoon phase is that it doesn’t last. Plenty of us have gone through this already. Most of us end up with broken hearts because we didn’t have a clear view of how our relationship needed to be. The truth is, we only get the “high” for about six months to a year, whether we are in a relationship or married, depending on the couple and how they are handling their relationship.

All the things mentioned above that seem so exciting as a new couple are all brought by novelty but are hardly sustainable. When the euphoria of the honeymoon phase wears off, the couple suddenly finds each other boring. They will look for the spark that was once there, and they are often left disappointed.

At this point, you get to decide what you want to do with the relationship and where you want to go. It’s sad but we have to decide for ourselves if we fell in love with the person or just the idea of him or her. For more knowledge on dating and relationships, check out other posts on our blog and turn more often to AsianDate for help.

Past Trust Issues: You're Not Over It When You Spot These Signs | Asian Date

You’re Not Over Your Past Trust Issues When You Act This Way

It has always been said that trust is the foundation of every relationship. When the trust is broken, it’s almost always hard to bring back. While the relationship may be mended, there is always a degree of paranoia in a person’s mind. The paranoia continues and is carried into the next relationship when past trust issues are not dealt with.

Signs That You Haven’t Gotten Over Past Trust Issues

Most of us think that we’re over all of it and that we’re ready to start fresh. However, it’s hard to repair trust once it is broken. So, how can we tell if we have truly gotten over problems that happened in the past? We have to be mindful if we exhibit the following signs:

1. Clamming Up

When you get to talk to your current partner about the future or about more serious topics, you clam up and not want to pursue the topic. It is especially bad if you become aggressive when the topic is brought up again or pursued further.

2. Triggered Without Reason

Sometimes, you find yourself getting emotional and wanting to lash at your current partner without a valid reason. It could be that the trauma of your past trust issues is haunting you.

3. Pushing Your Partner Away

When you and your partner have reached that stage that you are supposed to bring your relationship to the next level, you push him or her away. You can’t bring yourself to commit, not because there’s something wrong with your partner but because your fear of getting hurt is holding you back.

4. Snooping

You just cannot stay still. You have to find out if your partner is doing something sleazy behind your back. So you check emails, text messages, and where your partner is going and who he or she is with. That’s paranoia.

If you spot any of these signs in yourself, then you still haven’t overcome past trust issues. If you haven’t dealt with them yet, it would be hard or nearly impossible for you to settle down. It’s not that you haven’t met the person of your dreams, but you drive him or her away with your needless worry. For more tips about relationships and dating, read the rest of our blog.

Less Obvious Signs Of A Deteriorating Relationship | Asian Date

Less Obvious Signs Of A Deteriorating Relationship

Everyone in a relationship knows that we all go through stages. There’s the attraction part, the happy phase, the trials, resolutions, and many more. They can even become a cycle. Problems will ever be present as long as we live, however, how do you know when you are in a deteriorating relationship?

Symptoms of a Deteriorating Relationship You Never Expected

Sometimes, it is already very late when you realize that you’re in a deteriorating relationship. Before that happens, check whatever you have right now. Is something happening? If you’re in a bad place, is it worth saving? Or, would you rather opt out because you don’t see a future? If you’re having trouble seeing the problem, check for these surprising signs that your relationship is going down the drain:

Shallow Conversations

You used to enjoy a nice intellectual discussion about different matters. Whatever the topic is, economy, politics, show business, money, faith, or life in general, you enjoy a nice discourse with your partner. It seems that after a talk, you are enriched and you experience a deeper connection because you have learned new insights about your partner. If this doesn’t happen at all anymore, it’s a red flag.

Disagreements That Become HUGE Fights

You used to agree to disagree. You may not have the same opinion about a certain topic but you are fine, connection-wise. But now, a simple argument can turn into a big fight, with both of you shouting at each other, calling each other names, banging doors, or destroying stuff. It is no longer about the topic. It’s just that your deteriorating relationship is affecting your moods and judgments.

No More Spark

When you fell in love, you have felt all kinds of nice feelings from your head to your toes. But now, you realize that your relationship is as bland and dry as unsalted crackers. The spark is easy to rekindle, but both of you have to work on it if you still want to pursue your relationship.

Living Separate Lives

You may still be living under the same roof but you know very well that you are already living separate lives. Even worse – when you no longer communicate what you are doing with your partner because both of you have become disinterested.

Becoming Unhappy

When you have a deteriorating relationship, you are naturally unhappy. Every day, you are excited to get out of the house in order to breathe fresh air. And, then you drag yourself when it’s time to go home because you know that there’s nothing exciting to go home to. Or, you just ignore everything, hoping that it will go away.

These are just some of the things that you can look out for in your relationship. If you answer “yes” to any or all of these points, decide for yourself what you will do about it. For more advice on relationships, read other posts on our blog.

Bad First Impression: Actions That You Need To Avoid | Asian Date

Do These Actions And You’re Sure To Make A Bad First Impression

We never want to make a bad first impression but, sometimes, we just can’t help it. We get sucked into the moment and we forget about being aware of the actions we make and words we speak. Although we don’t want to, we end up making a bad first impression anyway.

A Bad First Impression Can Be Avoided By Becoming Aware Of These Tips

There are plenty of rules published on the internet that instruct readers on how to make a good first impression. To add to what you may have already read, listed below are actions that you need to avoid if you want to make a good and lasting first impression on people or dates:

Divulging Someone’s History

Often times, in our attempt to make a connection with someone, we tend to tell the history of other people. For example, we met one person who we have common friends with. In order to have a topic of conversation, we talk about the history of the people we commonly know. We do not realize that this is a big no-no because we might put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Trying Too Hard

In our eagerness to make a good impression, we sometimes do too much. We do too much to the point of appearing obnoxious or just plain boastful. You never want to do too much even if the reason behind acting as such was to impress and not push away.

Hogging Up The Airtime

Do you constantly talk when you’re nervous? Well, you need to be aware of this. Hogging up all the airtime, so to speak, is just a total turn off. Of course, the person you just met or your date wants to speak up too. Learn to identify when you are getting too chatty.

Assuming That The Other Person Will Agree With You

Most of the time, when we have so many things in common with one person we automatically think that they will agree with anything and everything we say. This might not always be the case so never assume that your date or the person you’ve just met will say OK or yes all the time.

If you avoid these actions, you are more likely to get a better first impression. You’re going to need practice, though, especially on your self-awareness. But, you’ll be able to master these tips the more you do them. For more tips on dating, read the rest of our blog.