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Lost Your Identity: Don't Let It Happen When You're In A Relationship | Asian Date

Signs You’ve Officially Lost Your Identity In A Relationship

There are people who love so passionately and are so engrossed in their partners that they lose themselves in the process. It is never good to abandon your individualism and what makes you unique as a person just because of a relationship. Don’t wait before you have completely lost your identity.

You Have Lost Your Identity If You Spot These Signs But It’s Not Too Late

As mentioned, we get too wrapped up in our relationships or in the people we date that we fail to see what’s really going on. First, you have to shift your focus, then look within yourself. See if you can spot the following signs:

1. You are always talking from the “we” perspective.

You no longer remember who does what. Whenever you talk to your friends, your point of reference is always “we”. You have clearly removed the “I” from the picture.

2. You are pressured to do things.

You will know when your partner is already taking over your life when you are pressured to follow his or her wants. You feel that you are no longer free to make choices so you just allow your partner to make decisions for you.

3. You are always annoyingly lovesick.

When you are in a new relationship, your lovesick antics may be quite refreshing and considered adorable by your friends. But if it exceeds three or fourth month period, it can become annoying to your friends and it will just go to show that your world is completely revolving around your partner.

4. You want your partner to tell you who to be.

You have reached a point that you no longer want to make decisions for yourself. It seems that you have lost all your self-worth and confidence to pursue your dreams and passions. Or maybe, you have become complacent. So you just let your partner think of ideas and make decisions for you.

5. Your partner is all you ever talk about.

Do you find yourself talking about your partner so much that your friends are starting to notice? Chances are, you have totally given up on yourself.

When we get into a relationship and eventually settle down, we do give up some things and compromise some things in order to accommodate a partner in life. But, we do not give up on ourselves to the point of losing our identity. That is not a healthy relationship. Keep yourself in check before you totally lose your identity in the name of your relationship. For more AsianDate advice, read other posts on our blog.

Every Women Has Seven Basic Relationship Needs | Asian Date

Every Women Has Seven Basic Relationship Needs

Women have different requirements in a relationship. And mostly, these are qualitative things. Most men think that figuring women out is impossible, but if you are aware of these relationship needs, you will do OK. You would know how to make your woman happy, at least most of the time.

The Most Basic Relationship Needs For Every Woman

As mentioned, you have to get the idea of women being too complicated out of your head. To figure a woman out, especially when you are in love with her, you just need to understand the basics. As you are dating, keep it simple and try to remember that she needs the following:

To Feel Loved

You will have to find out how to make your woman feel loved based on the different love languages. But, remember, if she feels loved, she will be more open. There will be fewer arguments, and even your intimate encounters will be more abundant.

To Feel Secure

Women are usually attacked by society in terms of self-esteem and their sexuality. With you, she should be able to trust your strength and even the space that you give her. Additionally, she feels that she can show her true self to you because you are not going to judge her.

To Be Allowed To Nurture

Women are naturally nurturing. You have to give it to her and allow her to show her feminine side. She wants you to trust her enough to open up to her. Then allow her to help and comfort you through sadness and other difficult moments.

To Feel Seen

A woman wants to feel seen, not just literally. When she is feeling down and not talking much, she wants you to notice that and ask how her day went. She may not want you to feel down with her, but the fact that you noticed can already be a mood booster for her.

To Feel Desired

Your woman wants to feel desired by you. How you go about with your intimate routines is up to you, but it is of great importance that you make her feel desired and appreciate her for being passionate.

To Be Appreciated

Praise her for who she is and what she has done, either for herself, her career, or in the home. If she cooks for you, try to appreciate even just the effort.

To Feel That She Can Count On You

Despite being strong and smart, the feminine side of a woman would want a man that they can depend on. When all else fails, you should be there to support her.

If you memorize these seven basic relationship needs, you’ll be sure to bring out the best in your partner. Vice versa, she will also bring out the best in you. If you don’t have a partner yet and are still looking for love, then make this your guide to know how to conduct yourself. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.

Dating Advice: Don't Listen To Your Friend's Advice On Dating | Asian Date

Listening To Your Friend’s Dating Advice? Don’t

When you are dating, there will be well-meaning friends who will offer you some inputs about your partner as well as your relationship. It may be a good idea to listen, but a friend’s dating advice might not work out well for you, or for any of us, after all.

Why A Friend’s Dating Advice Isn’t Worth Listening To

There are many reasons why your friend may not be truthful to you in terms of giving relationship advice. They might be in different stages in their lives and a friend’s dating advice might not be what you need at this point. Also, you cannot be sure if their counsel is out of love or just jealousy (although if you question that, you should question your friendship also). So it’s best to only trust yourself. Here are examples of friends that you should never take dating advice from:

From The Just-Married Friend

Do you have a friend who has recently got married or engaged? They would mostly see love everywhere. Naturally, they would want everyone to be as happy as them, without thinking if you have a good match or not in your current date. This friend might be well-meaning, but the dating advice may not just be applicable to you.

From The “I Agree!” Friend

There is always a friend who agrees with whatever you say. It can be negative or positive, but it seems that they don’t want any arguments and disagreements so, in the end, they just agree with everything. While you may feel good with everything that this friend says, there is no honesty at all. So you will end up not seeing things objectively.

From The Selfish Friend

This is the worst friend because he or she can never be happy for you, no matter who you are dating. Even if you already found somebody who is worthy of your attention, this friend will always find something wrong in this person. You might lose your opportunity for love when you listen to this friend’s dating advice. Think for yourself and stay away from this person.

Having A Good Friend

There are those of us who have true friends around them. These are people who truly care and are not selfish. They are not afraid to be honest and to give their support even in the midst of failure. A true friend’s dating advice is the only thing you should listen to. However, these kinds of people are rare these days. You wouldn’t know a true friend unless you’ve known the person for a considerable amount of years.

In conclusion, it is still best to listen to your intuition and let your wisdom guide you. Avoid a friend’s dating advice, especially if you do not know the motive from where it is coming from. For more reviews and tips on dating, read the rest of our blog.

Reasons Why People Enter Open Relationships | Asian Date

Reasons Why People Enter Open Relationships

An open relationship is anything but monogamous. And, many couples are preferring this set up nowadays. Many of us who haven’t been in this type of relationship yet remain curious. What makes open relationships attractive to modern couples? Why do they get into it?

Couples Of Today Would Rather Be In Open Relationships Because Of These Reasons

More and more couples these days are considering being in an open relationship. They may have their own reasons, but commonly, listed below are some of the explanations why open relationships are almost becoming more popular than traditional ones:


Some people find a monogamous relationship limiting and with such high expectations. If societal expectations are not fulfilled, they are bound to feel failure. But, in an open relationship, it is more liberating because you are free to pursue others while keeping what you already have. It may sound ironic, but many feel a sense of security because they are not expected to be monogamous.

Trust And Communication

There is a higher form of trust and a more open communication in open relationships. You can talk about struggles and desires without being met with judgments. Many have this misconception that there is no trust in an open relationship. One partner is trusting that he or she knows about the “other” person. To build this trust, communication skills are needed.


There might be accountability and responsibility in your current relationship but it’s limited. So you seek an open relationship because there is more freedom. Plus you and your partner have already agreed that you will not limit each other, so you are allowed to do pretty much anything, like making a profile on a dating site, while maintaining your relationship.

No Regrets

In open relationships, there are no regrets – just lessons learned. If you had not been happy with who you have encountered outside your relationship, you can charge it to experience and move on.

More Than One Connection

It’s just like the saying, “The more, the merrier.” You can’t have everything from one source, so you find fulfillment in other people.


It’s believed that we act according to how we are wired as people. There are certain kinds of preferences that are not considered as norms, but they are there. One such example is polygamy, the outlet for people who believe they simply cannot live in a monogamous relationship.

Open relationships are not for everybody. But for those who have embraced it, they have discovered fulfillment and gratification in the long run because they have found what’s most suitable for them, at least those are the confessions of polygamists. For more dating updates and advice, read other posts on our blog.