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Relationship Questions A Couple Should Be Able To Answer After A Year | Asian Date

Relationship Questions Every Couple Should Be Able To Answer

When you have been with your partner for a year, you should have certain things planned already. This isn’t to say that things are perfectly aligned. However, there should be matters that both you and your partner already agree with. For example, if you are asked specific relationship questions, your answers should be similar.

Have You Reached A Point Where You Can Answer Relationship Questions Similarly?

A couple that has been together for some time might not have had totally figured out everything yet. But because you have already reached one year, it’s an indication that you may be dating a person who is committed. The relationship has the potential to move further so long as the couple is on the same page. If the couple has similar answers to the relationship questions below, then it’s a definite possibility:

“What are your partner’s biggest fears?”

You should definitely know how to answer this. After a year, you should have already talked about what you and your partner fear the most. Probably, the topic could even come up whenever you have a conversation. Either way, answering this correctly shows that you and your partner put your walls down.

“What are your future goals as a couple?”

If you don’t have similar answers to this question, it’s likely that one doesn’t see a future with the other. Or, vice versa. It’s possible that you may be headed in this direction, while your partner is headed in the opposite. Your views may not be as aligned as you thought when your answers are not cohesive.

“What does your partner value most in life?”

This is a another question that indicates the level of connection you have. After a year, you should be able to know your partner inside and out. Not knowing is a big red flag. It could indicate that one person isn’t as invested in the relationship, or both people are not invested at all.

If you feel like you have not reached this point after a year, it’s time to reassess the relationship you are in. You may not be connecting as well as you thought. Or, there may be some aspects of your relationship that need improving. Either way, treat the questions as assessments of your relationship’s condition. For more tips about dating and strengthening relationships, read other posts on the blog.

These Are The Only Reasons To Get Back With Your Ex | Asian Date

These Are The Only Reasons To Get Back With Your Ex

Sometimes, we make mistakes in life. Some we don’t mind doing them, but there are those that we regret a lot. A good example of big regrets is breaking up with someone you should never have broken up with. It could just be a passing mood of ours. But, what if we consider the thought? Is it a good idea to get back with your ex?

Before You Get Back With Your Ex, Check If You’re Making A Wise Decision

We definitely shouldn’t act out on the passing thoughts we often get in our heads. So, the first thing you need to do is let this thought simmer. You might feel differently the next day. You should never act out of impulse. However, when the feeling persists, you may want to check your reasons for getting back together. Here are some valid to get back with your ex:

1. You’re ready for something real.

We all go through a stage in our life where we just want to have fun. You may have broken up in the past because you were at the “fun stage” in your life. Now that you have outgrown it, you may realize that your former relationship had potential. You want to pursue this potential now that you’re ready for a serious relationship.

2. You did some growing, and now you know better.

The most common reason why couples break up is that one had some growing to do. Well, if you’re this person, you may feel like you’ve reached a point where you see the world differently. When your views and perspectives, especially about life and responsibilities, have changed, you can consider getting back with a former flame.

3. You’re healed from the hangups you had.

There are plenty of us who are hurting. Our past hurts hinder us from progressing in our relationships. When this is the main reason why you broke up with your ex, you need to make sure that you truly are healed so you can move forward.

4. You know that your business is unfinished.

Unfinished businesses commonly occurs in long-distance or online relationships. The set up wasn’t working because conditions were not ideal. For example, one was in between jobs and couldn’t keep up the video calling or chatting schedule. Now that everything is in place, you know that things are going to work despite the distance.

Please know that you are taking a risk. Although your reasons to get back with your ex are logical and wise, there’s no guarantee that he or she will accept you back. If you’re willing to take the risk, nonetheless, then go for it. As long as you know in your heart that you can be better, it’s a risk worth taking. For more tips on dating, read other posts on the blog.

Will Immediate Chemistry Result To A Forever Kind Of Relationship | Asian Date

Will Immediate Chemistry Result In A Long-Term Relationship?

We have always thought about immediate chemistry as a defining trait for a great relationship. It’s usually called a “spark” and is described as the feeling that makes you say you have known a person for years. It’s great to feel this way, but does this mean that a couple who has great immediate chemistry will stay together forever?

Immediate Chemistry Is Only A Good Indicator

When you have good chemistry with someone, it means that you can talk easily with the person. It could also mean that you have the same interests and dislikes. People could say that you mesh well. At this point, it does sound like a couple with great immediate chemistry will go a long way. Well, not necessarily.

People with great chemistry don’t always have to be romantically involved. Take your friends, for example. Many of those closest to you were the ones you had good chemistry with when you first met. That romantic feeling comes naturally but there are instances when it doesn’t hit you.

Look For Better Indicators

Instead of focusing on having great chemistry with the person you are dating, it’s more important to look at the following and consider them indicators that make a lasting relationship:


Do you trust the person that you’re dating? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right path. There may come a time when the person will slightly break your trust by doing something behind your back. But, through this, you will absolutely know that you can go the distance if you’re willing to trust the second time around.


It’s all kinds of intimacy that’s needed for a relationship to work – emotional, physical, intellectual. If your partner delivers all three and vice versa, things seem to be going smoothly.

Bringing Out The Best In You

Of course, we never want to be stuck in a relationship that brings out the monster in us. We want to be with a person who brings out the best of our traits and encourages us to improve even more for ourselves.

Support And Lifting You Up

Support can have many translations. Whatever it is in the relationship you are in, it will be evident when you are 100% sure that your partner is on your side no matter what. And, you should also be reciprocating.

Immediate chemistry is absolutely important in a relationship, but it’s just one facet that you need to look at. There are other facets like empathy, how well you treat each other, or are you on the same page when it comes to life, and so on. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.

This Is How You Can Be Mentally Strong As A Person | Asian Date

This Is How You Can Be Mentally Strong As A Person

One of the things that will make you win on the dating scene is being mentally strong. It is using your head more over your heart. Unfortunately, not every one of us has the exercised the kind of awareness that will lead us to being strong mentally. How do you achieve mental strength anyway?

Exercises You Need To Do To Become A Mentally Strong Individual

There are people who were born to be mentally strong, naturally. However, you need to remember that mental strength is something that you acquire as you advance in years. Just because your current mental strength isn’t up to par with others, it doesn’t mean that you cannot improve. Here are some of the things that you can do:


The first step to being mentally strong is really awareness. Some people are not aware that it is already their emotions that are leading them into making decisions, especially in the area of dating.

Make A Decision

Now that you are already aware of your predisposition, make a commitment to make decisions after thinking things thoroughly. Make up your mind to put logical decisions first rather than emotional ones.

Deal With Your Emotions

When you are feeling unpleasant emotions, what do you do? Many binge-eat, cry, sleep for endless hours, or resort to drunkenness. These are never good for the emotions. Deal with them the healthy way. To become a mentally strong person, you have to go for healthier alternatives. You can work out, express your thoughts and feelings in a journal, or meditate. These are much better than getting into self-destructive behaviors.

Delay Gratification

Emotional people like instant gratification. But, in order to be mentally strong, you have to make a mental decision to delay gratification. It strengthens your resolve and disciplines your heart. Those who have the willpower to enjoy something, later on, will become more successful in tackling heart issues.

Learn To Say No

We want to be nice and we want to say yes to every favor asked of us. Then we get burned out. Mentally strong people can say no when it’s too much. This prevents them from overcommitting. This is also helpful when it comes to physical intimacy in dating. Since you are self-controlled, you can delay gratification, and you can say no.

Being a mentally strong person will help you navigate through dating sanely. Of course, you will experience some wrong turns, but your sanity will remain. For more healthy dating advice, read other posts on the blog.